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Tourist Destination
INTRODUCTIONTourism industry is among the fastest growing sector in the world. All the countries are spendinghuge funds in order to develop and grow their tourism industry. China and UK has been amongthe most spending nations but this has helped them to accelerate their economic growth(Chon,2015). Tourism business includes accommodation, transport, hospitality and leisure activities.Furthermore it creates employment opportunities and helps in the growth of service sector. It hassuffered strong economic slowdown in late 2000s but with the increase in disposable income ofpeople the industry has started to recover(Prince,2015). The present report is based on TUIgroup which is planning to expand their business to different parts of the world. They haveaimed to identify and develop new travel experiences for the customers. Furthermore, they havedone analysis of top five tourist destinations of the world which has been included in the report.TUI Group is a British leisure travel group and it has more than 30 million customers in morethan 180 countries.TASK 11.1Analysis of main tourist destination of the worldTourism can be domestic or international but it is not limited to only holiday activities.These days it has extended business activities, leisure, education tour and medical tours as well.Furthermore, there has been significant decline in the cost of airlines and holiday packageswhich has helped in the growth of the tourism industry(Bajs, 2015). It brings income to a nationas they purchase goods and services. Each country has its own diverse culture, tradition,festivals, architecture and natural landscapes. Most of the developing countries like UK, US andFrance have promoted their culture and heritage in order to appeal the tourists. These countrieshave been successful in it as they are among the most visited countries across the globe. In orderto analyze the business opportunities for TUI Group, the following countries have beenevaluated:Top destinationsRegionNumber oftourist arrivalsTourismreceiptsTourismexpenditureUKEurope32.6 million$45.3 billion$57.6 billionFranceEurope83.6 million$56.1 billion$47.8 billionChinaAsia55.6 million$56.9 billion$164.9 billionGermanyEurope31.5 million$43.3 billion$92.2 billionUSNorth America74.8 million$177.2 billion$110.8 billionIt can be seen from the above table that France had the most number of visitors of 83.6 million in2014 and it is followed by US, China, UK and Germany. On the other hand, US have been
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