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Tourist Destination Assignment - Audley Travel group

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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INTRODUCTIONA tourist destinationrelated to particular place like is acity, town or other area.It is away of earning revenues for country state, region city or town. The travel and tourism industryrelated to hospitality where different services provided by them to increase visitors(Cankurt andSubasi, 2015).For increase travel and tourism UK government can apply different rules andregulations to increase tourism in UKwhich has been getting more attention and identificationfrom the government bodies because of the contribution it gives to the economic development. Inthe present scenario, travel and tourism industry has been applied different techniques to attractcustomer and promote their companies. In the particular report selected company Audley Travelgroup Limited company based in the UK based in Witney, Oxfordshire. In the report to analysethe scenario focused on those countries who can developed from last few year through tourism.Tourism destination is going to be popular because of at the place of different destinationprovided better services to their customer as reflect to increase tourism.In this report focused onscope of key UK and worldwide tourist destinations. Apart from identify cultural, social andphysical features of tourist destinations. Understand the characteristics of destination affect theirappeal to tourists. In addition understand issues likely to affect the popularity of touristdestinations.TASK 11.1 Main tourist destinations and generators of the world in terms of visitors numbers andincome generationIt has been analysed that from last some year the living standard of UK has beenimproved and it will help to develop inwhole departments.Mostly people like to travelling andthey are spending their money in travel and tourism. So travel companies has been provideddiscount offers to people.In the UK, France, Italy and Spain are the important destinationbecausemostly people wants to go their as compare to other countries. When mostly people canarrive on particular places so it will increase the level of income as reflected it makes the countrymore developed and competent from others. According to thenumber of visitors, it is obviousthat in the year2017,most of thepeople havearrived different countries. While on the otherhand, in the year 2016, 32.1 million visitors arrived to the country and it will affect tolevelofarrivalsforimprovedto millionofthe year of 2017.Therefore, as per the data,it is said that in1
few years tourism at UK has been rising.The economy tointensifythemodularof living,teachingstandardand other service sectors. In hence, this activity UK to servemore than reposeservices to the last users.As per the provide data it issaid that most of the arrivals are like to visiting inUK ascompared to China, Mexico and Thailand.Stillit can say that mostly visitors are arriving to UKlesser than to other countries but it is analysed that in 2017 so getting that people interest to goanother countries like Flamingo land,major destination and other museums(Carlisle and,2013).But now a days UK is also popular of tourist destination in among tourists due to famousgallery. Cultural and other things. In hence, it is clear that there are presenting significantdestinations -RankCountryGlobalTourismvisitors2016(in million)Globaltourismvisitors2017 (inmillion)Change to 2017to 2018 (%)1France81.986.95.12Spain73.281.88.63USA76.276.90.74China58.260.72.55Italy47.158.311.26Mexico27.339.312.07United Kingdom32.637.75.18Turkey13.537.624.19Germany32.337.55.210Thailand26.835.48.6Travel and tourism plays significant role in hospitality industry and it can increase levelof income(Viken and Granås, 2016). In present time people earn more money so they can spendtheir money on tourism. There are presenting table to know which country earn more moneythrough travel and tourism. It can help to increase value of the country and also improveeconomic policies and living of standard.Difference of tourist arrivals and tourist receiptsRankCountryInternationalTourism ReceiptsInternationalTourism ReceiptsChange (2016 to2017)2
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