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Tourist Venture In Australia || Report

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Added on  2020-02-24

Tourist Venture In Australia || Report

   Added on 2020-02-24

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Running Head: TOURIST VENTURES IN AUSTRALIATourist Ventures in AustraliaNameInstitution
Tourist Venture In Australia || Report_1
TOURIST VENTURES IN AUSTRALIA 2Tourist venture in AustraliaEvery year several tourist flock Australia with the aim of experiencing the beauty of thisgreat nation. It is the expected that every time a visitor comes into the country should have themost thrilling experience. An amazing experience would have tourists speaking about Australiafor quite a long time. In fact, a great experience during the visit would make the touristambassadors of Australia with regards to its tourist's destination thus an increase in the influx oftourists. It is against the backdrop of this knowledge that the business community should focuson providing exclusive services to the tourist in areas of the travel agency, tourist guidance, tentprovision, hotel services among others. This is a report on how to provide fantastic services tothe tourist on the serviced apartment for the tourists.The nature of business of choice is service apartment for the tourist who visits Australia.The apartment services would be provided. The demand for apartments is mainly for the babyboomers generation. Research shows that this generation is increasingly having a great desire forleisure. The great demand is because most of the people in this generation have spent most oftheir lives working and thus would wish to spend some time resting. The rest they desire mustcome with a great experience. Most of these people do not have the energy to go camping orspend time in the tents. Some of them are also fragile health wise and cannot spend their nightsin the cold of the camp sites. This leaves apartments as the best accommodation facility for thiscohort. At the end of every tour expedition, they would wish to feel as if they are a home awayfrom home (Patterson et al, 2017, pp 348).A part from the mentioned venture, the business of providing tents would also be a goodprovision for this business. In this case, the business would specialize in hiring tents for everytourist who visits the country. This business venture would target but not limited to the young
Tourist Venture In Australia || Report_2
TOURIST VENTURES IN AUSTRALIA 3couples. The other cohorts would be equally important for this venture. There are baby boomerswho would wish to go for the tents instead of the apartments. This venture though seemslucrative cannot suffice the demand for accommodation by the international tourists. Statistics indicate that close 8.5 million international visitors come to Australia everyyear. This great number demands for proper accommodation which can be best provided byapartments instead of tents. The apartments are even more desirable for accommodation due tosometimes hostility of the weather. The target on baby boomers is due to the statistical fact thatthey are the largest percentage of tourist who visit Australia (Wilson et al, 2017, pp. 43). Thisobservation however seem somewhat different from the reality. The introduction of tents for thetourist seem to have more impact on the number of tourist visiting the site. In this businesschoices the impact of the profits made through tourism at the site where these services areoffered. An example of how this business would impact tourist site is in this data;Figure 1.1MonthBefore Acquisition of AppartmentsAfter Acquisition of AppartmentsJanuary16002600February17002500march19003400April26004500May16003700June15003900Number of TouristsFigure 1.2
Tourist Venture In Australia || Report_3

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