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TOYOTA QUALITY MANAGEMENT1Quality management within production lines have been a major concern for organizations allaround the world as it directly impacts the value creation for the customers. There are variousmethods that are applied by the companies to ensure that the product quality matches the tasteand preferences of the customers. Toyota is a one such company that applied Toyota ProductionSystem (TPS), based on Japanese (developed by Deming) Quality Mechanism, to ensure thequality of its car production. TPS focuses on six sigma quality for the production (Liker, 2004).In 2009, the company had to call number of Toyota vehicles from United States. The reasonbehind the call was pointed to the improper floor mats which was unnecessarily pressing theaccelerators. The company called of different models with this issue which was surprisinglyaround 3.8 million. The sudden recalling was prompted by the car crash that killed the driver.The car was Lexus whose accelerator stuck due to the mat beneath the driver’s seat. There wasother such incidents that took place in Toyota models and after the demand by NHTSA, thecompany recalled the vehicles.The actual issue came up later when the company conducted the investigation with the pedalmechanism of the cars. The company found that the gas pedal mechanism was the problem andwhether someone used floor mat or not, stickiness would not go. The length of the gas pedal waslonger than usual and the space was also less between the pedal and floor. The company recalledabove 8.5 million vehicles after the continuous complaints of vehicles getting out of controlwhen pushed beyond 65 mph.The company is huge and the brand value of the company is larger than its size. Therefore, it wasmandatory that it must save its reputation else it might impact the brand value and future vehiclesale.
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