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Toys R UsResearch AssignmentStudent Name:Coursework:University:
IntroductionIn this present paper, we will research about the company Toys R Us which is an American toy and juvenile product Retailer Company. The paper also describes the media information about the company, website analysis, net target market plan, website revision, social media plan, marketing plan, and public relation plan.The company deals in toys, clothing and juvenile products within the industry of retail. It is a private type organization which was founded in 1948 and it's headquartered is in Wayne, New Jersey which is in the metropolitan area of New York City. The company serves across the world. The total revenue of the company in 2015 is $13,864,000,000. The total employees of the company are 71,000 (Toys"R"Us/Babies"R"Us – Toys et al., 2016). The company has two divisions . Namely, Toys R us, Babies R us and FAO Schwarz. The company also operates the electronic commerce sites which include FAO.Com,, and The company is having 866 stores in the United States in which more than 750 are international stores and approximately 245 licensed stores in 37 countries all over the world.The spokes-animal of the company for advertisement is Dr. G. Raffe which was renamed as Geoffrey. The company uses various media for its advertisement such as social media, campaigns, an advertisement which helps to promote the brand in the eyes of the consumers and it directly impacts on the sales volume of the company. The report advertising expenditures of the company are $445,000,000. The BBDO Atlanta advertisement agency is used by the company which is the agency of Omnicom groupfor promoting the brand which helps to attract a large number of consumers for such advertisement campaign such as new holiday campaign. The marketing programs of the company include national television, email marketing, target
magazine advertisement, advertisement in international and national newspapers and other promoting activities include direct mailing to the members of loyalty programs, door to door marketing, in-store marketing, and others.Website AnalysisThe consistent news of the company is to attract the consumers from its various promoting events such as new holiday Campaign by the advertisement agency BBDO. The company is focusing on attracting the target audience by its promoting events which help to increase the revenue of the company by competing among the competitors in the same industry such as Walmart. The advertisement attracts the consumers by connecting them emotionally. The overallimage of the company is the best provider of children’s toys and juvenile products among the private retailer in the same industry. The image of the company is communicated through various promotional activities, and target audience focused strategy which helps to attract large consumers by fulfilling the needs and wants of children's (Altheide et al., 2012). The company is having large distribution channel with the advanced logistical system. The company has shelf space which shows that the company has a strong bargaining position. The message is consistent all over the media that the company is specialized in best toys and juvenile products across the globe. The audience of the company is children above the age of five and then the children’s from five to twelve years old. The stakeholders also include parents of children’s who are the ultimate buyer of the product.New target market plan

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