Paper on Differences between Classroom and Online Learning

Added on - May 2020

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Traditional classroom learning and online learningInstitutional AffiliationNameDate
INTRODUCTIONAs people seek and institutions seek to improve the learning experience major shiftshave been experienced in the education field especially the adoption of technology inlearning. This paper aims at analyzing the similarities and differences betweenClassroom and online learningSIMILARITIESAssignmentsOne of the basic similarities between online and traditional classroom learning is thefact that in both modes of learning the concept of class assignments is a reality.Whether one chooses to attend a classroom in a traditional setting, or in an onlinesetting, they will be required to do course-related assignments from time to time(Hallam,2015).Class discussions and collaborationsDiscussions and collaborations are an important aspect of the learning process. In bothtraditional based and online class formats .team work, and discussions are practiced.While under the traditional class setting students have a chance to ask questions andoffer ideas in lecture halls. Online, learning gives an opportunity for students to engagein an online discussion with fellow students and lectures. Apart from group assignmentsin the traditional classroom context, online learners are also given group assignments inwhich they communicate through mobiles phones and emails(Brosche & Feavel,2011).Use of textbooks and online resourcesBoth online learning and traditional class set up involve the use of textbooks and onlineresources for studying and undertaking assignments. Texts books used by both Online
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