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Training and Development - Assignment Sample PDF

Added on - 30 Sep 2021

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Training and Development
Training and Development
Driver training program is a crucial part of any business for a number of reasons. First,
delivery truck drivers are the one who picks up, transport and on arrival to their destination they
drop off the packages to the intended buyer. These drivers have a physical contact with the end
customers meaning that training programs put in place should not only encompass the driving
aspect alone but also customer service and courtesy to the end buyers. Some deliveries are bulky
enough, such as containers, and may require sophisticated operation of machinery and equipment
to offload and deliver the goods safely.
The current driving training program encompasses a number of studies such as:
i)Online driving learning: Drivers at UPS are first introduced to online simulated
driving programs. This provides a safe platform where failure and destruction of the
delivery packages is safe enough since there are no fatality consequence or any
damaged goods. The simulation then helps them be better drivers and better transport
the goods in the real world. Through the use of mobile or tablet driver’s simulated
program, drivers at UPS can easily access the trainee’s program and refresh or
enhance their driving skills (Reeves, 2006).
ii)Customer service training: drivers at UPS are not trained on being excellent drivers,
but are also trained with some degree of salesmanship. UPS understands that their
drivers are the faces or representatives of the organization to the real clients and they
are trained on customer services. Through the incorporation of case studies in their
driving training program, UPS is able to bring out the best of drivers and customer
service of their trainees (Levitz, 2010).
iii)Training on disaster management: the drivers are not only trained on what they
expected on the road but also the unexpected. Incorporated in the e-learning program,
drivers at UPS are trained in the aspect of critical thinking and disaster avoidance and
management through the various simulated encounters in their training program
(Wallace, 2016).
iv)A continual training program: UPS does a continual driving training exercise
throughout the driver’s carrier at UPS. Training doesn’t stop at orientation nor the
simulated e-learning program but the training continues with new knowledge being
taught as they come, presenting the drivers with different scenario every time they
train to enhance their skills and preparedness (Niemann, 2010).
The off the job training
UPS also does off the job driving training. This is done so as to make the driver an all
rounded skilled driver who will not only deliver the goods to the intended customer but will also
deliver exceptional deliver service to them. Since the company deals with their customers only
behind a computer interphase and there is no physical contact between them, the company
considers their driver as their ambassadors. Hence customer courtesy and customer satisfaction
forms part of the training program. This training include:
Machinery and equipment training: Since UPD deals with the delivery of almost all types of
goods, from the very small one to the huge bulky goods training on delivery machine and
equipment is crucial for the bulky deliveries. These machinery such as lifts and cranes are
used to lift the deliveries out of the trucks and positioning them at the customer's directed
position. A training on the operation of these machine forms a crucial part of the drivers'
training program at UPS (Wolski, 2014).
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