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STEM Program in Saudi Arabia

Added on - 15 Apr 2020

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Running head: STEM PROGRAM IN SAUDI ARABIARole of Educational Leadership in Raising Teachers’ Performance through Training on Usingof STEM Program in Saudi ArabiaName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
STEM PROGRAM IN SAUDI ARABIA1Summary of project with reference to participantsSTEM model of education refers to the integrated model of education that is inclusiveof the academic subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The STEMsystem find its implications in a number of fields including those of the development ofworkforce, the policies of immigration and the concerns that pertain to the national security.The following composition aims to propose a research paper based on the role of the teachersin the implementation of the STEM model of education in the educational institutions that arelocated in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The study also takes into consideration thetraining that needs to be provided to the teachers to aid them in the successful implementationof the model.
STEM PROGRAM IN SAUDI ARABIA2INTRODUCTIONSTEM system refers to the academic fields of science, technology, engineering andmathematics. The acronym that was used for the four fields is known as the METS system.This acronym took birth after a science education meeting between the various agencies thatwas chaired by Rita Colwell at the US National Science Foundation. This term is generallyused to address the policies pertaining to education and the choice of curriculum thereby helpto improve the existing competitiveness among the students in the departments of technologyand science. The STEM system find its implications in a number of fields. These fieldsinclude the development of workforce, the policies of immigration and the concerns thatpertain to the national security. The education systems and institutions such as the schoolsplay a huge role in the determination of the interest of the students in the subjects that arecovered within the STEM system. These institutions also look into the fact that the studentsare provided with equal opportunities to access as well as benefit from the education of theSTEM subjects.In the Arabian region there has been a serious issue regarding the poor quality of theeducation that was being provided along with the high number of unemployed youth, whichamounts to almost 30% of the total population of the Arabian Countries. It is observed that$0% of the employers are dissatisfied with the employees who lack proper skill andknowledge. The skills they lack the most constitute of those that are required in order to dealwith the multi-faceted problems and the ways to devise integrative and creative solutions forthe problems.
STEM PROGRAM IN SAUDI ARABIA3RESEARCH DESIGN AND APPROACHResearch ParadigmThe proposed study requires the inputs on the perceptions and the attitudes of theteachers and the students that are involved in the study of the subjects of science,mathematics, engineering and technology. Thus, the research paradigm that needs to beapplied to this study is theconstructivist or the interpretivist approach. In this approachtowards research, the qualitative methods gain predominance over the quantitative methods,which are also used in the activity of this research.Literature ReviewIn the primary steps that are undertaken in the research, relevant literatures werereviewed. According to El-Deghaidy & Mansour, (2015) the subjects of science andmathematics were taught from the starting point of education through the tenth standard asmandatory subjects in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian schools include both of thesesubjects in the eleventh and the twelfth standards only for those students who choose topursue the scientific stream of education. The teacher orientation programs are based on thedisciplines that the teachers are supposed to import education. These teachers are generallytrained for their jobs through the various institutions that are dedicated towards the educationof the teachers. The teachers are observed to prepare as well as deliver the lessonsindependently in the classrooms. This helps in the setting of the tone in which the teachers ofvarious disciplines may interact across and within a number of disciplines.On the contrary, Hebaet al(2017) argues that multidisciplinary learning refers to thetype of knowledge gathering whereby the various fields of knowledge are combined thoughthey remain separable and independent from the others. The interdisciplinary approaches tolearning refers to the approach where the fields of study are integrated and the boundaries of
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