Trasformational Leadership and OCB

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Running head: TRASFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND OCBOrganizational citizenship behaviorName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND OCBLiterature reviewOrganizational citizenship behavior is one of the most important aspects of any and everyorganization. It basically refers to a kind of commitment that the employees have towards theirrespective organizations outside their contracts. Organizational citizenship behavior can veryeasily be associated with the concept of the responsibilities that the citizen have towards theirnation. In that case, the employees are like the citizens of the nation[ CITATION Jaw17 \l1033 ]. The nation is of course the company.The main concept or the purpose of this kindorganizational citizenship behavior is to imply that the employees feel a deeper and a greaterconnection with the company. Owing to this feeling or the sensation of a deeper feeling theemployees try to expand their helping hands and their sense of responsibility towards thecompany even beyond their obligations of the contract. This in turn helps in the overall increasein the total productivity of the organization.Transformational leadership on the other hand is also a very key and important issue incase of any and every business framework. Particularly in the present business scenario it is verymuch important for the proper functioning of all the activities. Leadership in general andtransformational leadership in particular is of utmost importance for the proper management andmaintenance of the productive spirit. For the proper and timely functioning of all the employees,guiding them the right and proper direction is also very much needed. In order to do that, what islargely needed is proper leadership. Transformational leadership is the most working and the aptmethod of leadership. This is evident from the fact that transformational leadership is somethingthat believes in the principle of bringing about a change or a transformation. The leaders makesure that the employees are motivated from time to time. They are encouraged throughout inorder to regain their self confidence.
3TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND OCBDeterminants of transformational leadershipInspiration motivationThe very foundation of transformational motivation or transformational leadership is thatof inspiration. Transformational leaders are devoted in motivating and inspiring their employeesthroughout[ CITATION Jaw17 \l 1033 ]. Transformational leaders must make sure that theykeep on making the employees remember and abide by the mission, vision, the goals and theobjectives of the organization. They make sure that their vision is so much compelling that theyknow very well what outcomes they actually are expecting from their reactions.Intellectual stimulationThis also is very important motivation or stimuli needed for the employees. Thetransformational leaders make sure that they always encourage their followers to be very muchcreative innovative. They always encourage their fellow followers to think about and implementdifferent kinds of creative ideas. They also make sure that none of their actions are hurt orcriticize the actions of their employees in public.Idealized influenceThe transformational leaders are also of the opinion that they can teach their followerssome lessons only when they themselves are following the same[ CITATION Kiv \l 1033 ]. Inother words they believe in the principle of preaching before practicing[ CITATION Hea \l1033 ]. It is only when the leaders themselves are very much organized in their actions, thefollowers also believe in following them. It is only then that the leaders get full trust and respectof their followers.
4TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND OCBIndividualized considerationThe transformational leaders must keep this in and that they have to reward each andevery employee individually. In other words, the transformational leaders must go beyond theirday to day managing routine work. Rather they must try their level best to carry forward theirrespective companies to the next level of hard work, efficiency, performance andsuccess[ CITATION GeW17 \l 1033 ]. They will mainly focus on the aspects of team building,motivation and collaboration with the employees.DeterminantsIndividual decisions and motivesThe organization citizenship behavior is largely based on the individual behavioralcharacteristics like that of positive affectivity and the negative affectivity, agreeableness,consciousness and several other such aspects. Another very important determinant of theorganizational citizenship behavior is that of extraversion[ CITATION Zay14 \l 1033 ]. There isalso anotherimportant trait that must be present within the individuals for the being open to thiscommitment towards the organization beyond their respective rules and regulations of thebusiness or the employment contract.Groups cohesivenessIn order to inculcate this feeling of a kind of citizenship towards the company, theemployees need to feel this inner urge or deep connection with their company. Just as thecitizens of a nation always feel the deep urge within themselves to remain connected with each
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