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Travel and tourism – This can be described as businesswith deals with services related with moving of peoplefrom one place to another. It includes services of providingbuses, cabs, planes, ships, trains and many more.Moreover, it involves adventure tourism, recreation,airlines, events & conferences etc.Food and beverages – The food and beveragesrefers to business which provide various relevant productssuch as meals, snacks and beverages. Moreover, theseproducts are manufactured according to desires ofcustomers and modify them respectively to fulfil changeddemands of people to attain their satisfaction. It involveshotels, restaurants, pizza shops and cafes.Lodging – This involves staying facilities whichare usually provided by different types of places like fancyhotels, youth & elder hostels, camp grounds, motels and soon. For example, Hilton hotel is preferring by many ofvisitors to stay there due to its effective facilities.Theyhave variety of products including food items, drinks,room service, entertainments, accommodation andSECTORS OFHOSPITALITYCONTRIBUTION OF HOSPITALITYThe hospitality industry includes travel & tourism, hotels includingHilton, restaurants etc., which facilitates to provide required facilitiesto visitors. It includes to render products and services to tourist whovisit particular country due to visiting attractive tourist places of thesame. It is helpful to generate better income in hospitality industrywhich provide support to increase annual income of the county. Thecontribution of hospitality on economy is explained further –Local economy – The hospitality businesses like 'Hilton hotel'are responsible for generating various employment opportunities whichfacilitate to reduce unemployment rate on local area. However, it ishelpful to improve the standards of living of citizens living inparticular place.National economy – This includes about increased annualincome of particular nations through improve income of overallhospitality industry. Increase in annual income of the nation becomecapable conduct more developmental activities and remaineconomically stable.Global economy – The increase in hospitality businessesfacilitates globalisation of which is helpful for increasing access totechnology, media, education, health care, consumer goods andresources.There are different types of hospitality companies which adopt variouseffective as well as efficient techniques and practices in respect ofboosting up productivity. It includes their different strategies or tacticswhich aimed to increase profitability of overall business in order toachieve better growth of the same.Franchising– This can be described as a legal process in which oneparty (franchiser) provide right to another person (franchisee) in termsof utilising trademark along with it systems or processes. It is helpfulor Hilton Hotel to grab market share of other countries which facilitateto develop hospitality industry.Licensing agreements– This includes a legal contract between twoparties such as licensor and licensee. However, the licensor grants rightto licensee for producing and selling desired goods in order to makebetter profits along with achieving growth of business at global level.Hospitality industry refers to several areas of businessincluding, tourism, hotels, theme parks, cruise line and manymore. They have their own concept to conduct productionprocedures in order to provide required services, product andfacilities to people in appropriate manner.However, analyseactual needs of citizens and put efforts to fulfil them atreasonable price along with attracting new customers withretaining the current ones in respect of grabbing more profitshare of market.BUSINESSES OF HOSPITALITYHospitality refers to lodging, event planning, theme parks,transportation, cruise line, travelling and additional areas oftourism industry. Hospitality management includes effectivestrategies and techniques to manage such business in order toprovide desired services to people for completing their actualrequirements appropriately.INTRODUCTIONHOSPITALITY AND MANAGEMENT
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