(solved ) Marketing in travel and tourism Assignment

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It can be concluded that travel and tourismmanagement play important role in improvingoverall performance of the travel industry. Inthis quality services are the important productswhich offer to the customers in order to attaintheir better satisfaction in most effectivemanner. Along with this, proper plan packagealso introduces by the company in market placewhich helps in inviting larger number ofservices users.Apart from this, they also use logo to invite as well asinfluence their customers to consume it effectivemanner. The main purpose of marketing campaign is toinvite number of visitors who wants to visit Spain andTurkey. Along with this, company also communicatewith them through various social aspects.Integrated promotional campaign is one of the effective andimportant medium which cover various activities ofmarketing like digital promotion, email, direct marketing. Allthese helps in improving the brand image at market place bypromoting its products and services. In context of Thomascook, they announced various marketing campaign tocommunicate with this customer in order to providing themfeatures of the products and services.INTRODUCTIONTourism play vital role for every country to enhance economyof the country. In this government also provide better supportto all the travel companies to improve their performance levelat market place. Along with this, it also helps in protecting allthe places and make attractive which leads in inviting umberof number of visitors. Thus, the overall growth of the nationis highly depending on travel and tourism industry. In thismarketing concept also play important role in improving aswell as develop places which may leads in attaining bettersuccess at market place.MARKETING IN TRAVEL AND TOURISMTASK 4
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