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Compare Existing Definitions of Visitor Attractions and Select the One Definition that youConsider to be the Most Relevant. Justify your choice by explaining why you think so.Chan Yi Ling (56647945)The School of Continuing and Professional Education, City University of Hong KongEdinburgh Napier UniversityTSM08906 Visitor Attraction ManagementMr. Stephen SUNNovember 06, 2020Word Count: 480
TSM08906 VAM Assignment 1Compare existing definitions of visitor attractions and select the one definition that youconsider to be the most relevant. Justify your choice by explaining why you think so.The distress of reaching an extensively affirmed definition for visitor attractions (VA) is a bigchallenge and is indicative of the diversity of matters influencing the management of VA, whichalso affects vastly different follow-up studying on it. Comparing and contrasting the twodefinitions of them, and the most relevant one would be taken.Admittedly, Botha (2005:103) state that ‘Attractions are those occurrences or creations (such asscenery, climate, hot water springs, exceptional flora or fauna, buildings or other architecturalwork, scenes of historic importance, works of art, places of enjoyment and entertainment, etc.) orhappenings (such as festivals, meetings, sports competitions, etc.) in the natural or human-madeenvironments, that motivate people to travel.’.Besides, the British Tourist Council (BTC) (2000) state that 'The attraction must be apermanently established excursion destination, a primary purpose of which is to allow publicaccess for entertainment, interest, and education, rather than being primarily a retail outlet, or avenue for sports, film, or theatrical performances. It must be open to the public without priorbooking, and should be capable of attracting day visitors or tourists.’.There are clear differences between the two definitions, the most notable of which is therecognition of an event. As many scholars pointed out, the BTC considers the VA should bepermanent. In contrast, Botha state that events and happenings are counted as VAs. Along withthe change in times, more and more city and tourism industry vigorous develop and innovateevents as a short-term strategy to attract visitors and tourists, sometimes they are even exhausted2
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