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TSS Nomination and Application
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Standard Business Sponsorship TSS nomination and Application
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TSS Nomination and Application
Question 1 (300 words)
From: Jared Smith (smithjared@wombatmigration.org)
To: Ohi Ahmed (hoppymotors@service provider.com)
Date: 16 April 2020, 11:15 am
Subject: Re. TSS
Good Morning Ohi,
I have received your email enquiring on the advertisement needed, duration due and
other requirements necessary. It is important to note that for the successful nomination,
sponsorship and employment of Alain, a skilled foreign worker in your company, Hoppy’s
Pty Ltd, as the sponsor, will be required to demonstrate genuine current need for skilled labor,
subject to guidelines under the Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) visa program1.You will
therefore submit to the department of home affairs, a copy of your financial records, records
on your staff, their payroll expenses, details on your operations and a list of your clients. Once
the department is satisfied with your submission, you will be required to advertise the
nominated role for a period of at least one month prior to lodgment of the nomination
In your email, you had mentioned that you have placed an advertisement on the need
for a skilled mechanic at your business premises. The Fair Work Act of 2009 further requires
you to circulate similar adverts on at least two other advertising platform2. Online and any
other advertising avenues providing physical evidence of the advertisement will be suitable.
1 Alexander Aleinikoff, and Douglas Klusmeyer, eds. Citizenship today: global perspectives
and practices. Brookings Institution Press, 2010.
2 Breen Creighton, and Anthony Forsyth, eds. Rediscovering Collective Bargaining:
Australia's Fair Work Act in International Perspective. Routledge, 2012.
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TSS Nomination and Application
Maintain the advertisement draft and keep it safely. Kindly scan to me a copy of the advert
and any receipt of payment for any sponsored advertisement that you will make. After the 4
weeks have elapsed, we will lodge a nomination application in compliance to the Migration
act of 1958.
I hope I have addressed your concerns in the best way possible.
Best Regards,
Question 2 (300 words)
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TSS Nomination and Application
From: Jared Smith (smithjared@wombatmigration.org)
To: Ohi Ahmed (hoppymotors@service provider.com)
Date: 16 April 2020, 11:17am
Subject: Re. TSS
After the four advertising weeks have elapsed, we will lodge the nomination and visa
application simultaneously. The nomination applications will however take preference. As for
the Visa, we will lodge a Temporary Residence Transition Stream application for Alain. This
is despite the fact that he is not a holder of 457 and he has been in the country for only two
months with his visitor’s visa expiring soon. We will make our application pegging on the
fact that Alain has worked as a mechanic for the last 10 years3. We hope that this will increase
his application chances. On the other hand we will have your business approved as a Standard
business sponsor. The first step in this process is to show that your business is operating under
the country’s law. To prove the legality of your business operations, you will present your
business permits and valid business operating licenses. Documents from your motor
regulatory body if any, will also be attached. Your will also be required to show that your
business does not have adverse information recorded against it. Issues on accusation of
bribery, poor service delivery or collision with regulatory bodies can be damaging to our
course. It is therefore advisable to come clean on any matter that may disadvantage your
business sponsorship application. Successful business sponsorship application will enable
your business to have skilled foreign staff that will contribute greatly to the realization of your
business objectives, increase income and facilitate more profit for savings or reinvestment.
3 Roslyn Cameron, and Jennifer L. Harrison. "Australian human resource practitioner views &
use of temporary skilled migration." (2010).
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