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International Business Assignment (Solution)

Added on -2020-12-07

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Tutorial IB1.Foreign business refers to any situation where the manufacture or sale of products orservices crosses country boundaries. Globalization—the transition toward anincreasingly interdependent and interconnected global economy—creates greaterprospects for foreign company. In terms of economies, such globalisation will takeplace where trade barriers are dropping and consumer tastes are shifting. That can alsobe found in terms of sourcing, where an enterprise can conveniently import productsand services from other countries. As indicated in the Google example, somemanagers interpret the concept of foreign business to apply solely to "business."However, in a world that has advanced beyond mere industrial manufacturing, a widerconcept of foreign business can better represent you both personally andprofessionally. A wide spectrum of cross-border transfers of goods, services, orcapital between two or more nations includes foreign business. This transaction whichinclude international transfers of other properties, such as individuals, intellectualproperty (e.g., patents, copyrights, trademarks, and data) and contractual assets orliabilities, beyond the exchanging of money for physical products (e.g., the right touse some foreign asset, provide some future service to foreign customers, or execute acomplex financial instrument). Foreign corporate enterprises range from massivemultinational corporations with thousands of workers doing business in many nationsaround the world to a small one-person business operating as an importer or exporter.This wider concept of foreign business also involves border crossing transactions forprofit as well as transactions guided by non-financial gains (e.g., triple bottom line,corporate social responsibility, and political favour) that influence the future of abusiness.A corporation is said to be domestic because its commercial activities are carried outwithin the country's regional borders. Foreign company is one of the nations in theworld involved in commercial transactions.2.- Provides the talents and abilities that are important in today's business world foryour profession. - Powers you to perform better job reviews - Compete effectively with subordinates and potential adversaries - Keep up to date with the new market strategies and instruments

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