Assignment On World History

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World History: Unit 1 Study NotesDirections:AsyouworkthroughthepowerpointslidesandreadtheinformationonTheAncientWeb, completethefollowingtable and questions. Be sure to be THOROUGH inyouranswers. Brief, superficialanswerswillnotreceivefullcredit.Incorporateinformationfromallsources;donotrelyon justone.Downloadandsavethisdocumenttoyourcomputer.Youcanthentypeyouranswersin the given table on a direct basis.All give columns will expand as and when the answer is typed there.OlmecAztecIncaMayaThe LocationIn thetropicalrainforestofMexicosGulfcoast.GovernmentPriestkingandwarriors.Monarchies.EconomyIt can be said that theOlmec comes with astrong network oftrade which becomesthe main reason oftheir great wealth.Threemain citiesare: LaVenta,SanLorenzoandTresZapotes.Theydomesticatedcotton,cacao,feathers,ThelocationfortheAztecEmpirewasTenochtitlan,Mexico. It isestablished in thearid valley ofCentralMexico.It is ruled by anindividual who hasselected by a priestcouncil. Thetraders of theNobility Warriorsalso worked asmilitary scoutsFramers Slaves.Their economywas based onagriculture andwarriorsexpanding theempire bycapturing goodsand prisoners.TheIncaEmpirewaslocatedintheAndes,PeruandBolivia.TheircapitalcitywasCuzco.“Sapa Inca” (OnlyInca): supreme ruler.Itis mainly a self-sufficiency andcommunal basedsystem. It's elite'seducation is mainlymanaged by the state.Uprisings dealt andprotect with theresettlement andmilitary force.Their economy wasbased on agriculture,and silver/goldjewellery trade.Their capitalcity was Tikal.Maya is situatedin the CentralAmerican forestand Mexican.TheMaya kingsruled the MayaKingdom.They concludedthat they weredivine and guidedby class of scribesand a noble.Theywerenotanempireandnotunitepolitically.Theyweredeveloped withcity-states andhad their ownrules.Farming, Tradeand Artisans.
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