Unraveling the Mysteries of Mesoamerica: A Journey Through Time


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World History: Unit 1 Study NotesDirections:AsyouworkthroughthepowerpointslidesandreadtheinformationonTheAncientWeb, complete the following table and questions. Be sure to be THOROUGH in your answers. Brief, superficialanswerswillnotreceivefullcredit.Incorporateinformationfromallsources;donotrelyon justone.Downloadandsavethisdocumenttoyourcomputer.Youcanthentypeyouranswers in the given table on a direct basis. All give columns will expand as and when the answer is typed there.OlmecAztecIncaMayaThe LocationIn thetropicalrainforestofMexicosGulfcoast.GovernmentPriestkingandwarriors.Monarchies.Economy It can be said that the Olmec comes with a strong network of trade which becomesthe main reason of their great wealth. Threemain cities are: La Venta, San Lorenzoand Tres Zapotes.Theydomesticated cotton, cacao, feathers,The location for theAztecEmpire wasTenochtitlan, Mexico. It is established in the arid valley of CentralMexico.It is ruled by an individual who hasselected by a priestcouncil. The traders of the Nobility Warriors also worked as military scouts Framers Slaves.Their economy was based on agriculture and warriors expanding the empire by capturing goods and prisoners.The Inca EmpirewaslocatedintheAndes,PeruandBolivia.Theircapitalcitywas Cuzco.“Sapa Inca” (Only Inca): supreme ruler. It is mainly a self-sufficiency and communal based system. It's elite's education is mainly managed by the state. Uprisings dealt and protect with the resettlement and military force.Their economy was based on agriculture, and silver/gold jewellery trade.Their capital city was Tikal. Maya is situatedin the Central American forest and Mexican.The Maya kings ruled the Maya Kingdom.They concluded that they were divine and guided by class of scribesand a noble.Theywere not an empire and not unite politically.They were developed with city-states and had their own rules.Farming, Trade and Artisans.
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