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UML Diagram:UML is mainly used for visualizing the software program. The software programcontains the many number of diagram. OMG is supported for the UML diagram. UML stands forUnified Modeling Language. UML is used to improve to interact the models like diagrams.Types of UML diagram:Package diagramObject diagramComponent diagramDeployment diagramClass diagramComposite Structure DiagramBehavioral UML Diagrams:Activity diagramSequence diagramUse case diagramState diagramTiming diagram
ACTIVITY DIAGRAMActivity diagram is the type of UML diagram. Activity diagram also know as flow chart.They are used to represent the flow of two activities. Show the flow from one activity to anotheractivity. The system operation can be defined by this activity. One or more operations are used,control flow are used to draw the operations. Flows are in different forms like sequential,branched, or concurrent. Different types of elements are used such as fork, join, etc.PURPOSE1.Design the activity flow of a system.2.Define the sequence between two or more activities.3.Parallel flow of the system, branched and concurrent flow of the system aredesigned.
USE CASE DIAGRAMIt’s a type of UML diagram. UML stands for Unified Modeling Language. Use casediagram are used to represent the system elements in a graphical way. In use case methodologyno of operations are performed such as identify, clarify, organize the system requirements.Basically use case diagram contain four different types of components.Boundary- boundaries are used to define the system interest.Actors- each actor perform their operation initially.Use cases- they are played by the actors around the system.Relationship- establishing the relationship between the actors and use cases.
CLASS DIAGRAMClass diagram contain types of groups. Each group include no of classes. They are used toshare the common characteristics. In class diagram, classes are represented by boxes. Each boxesare divided into three rectangles. The top rectangle contain name of the class and the middle oneis contain attributes of the class and final one is used to represent the methods, methods are alsoknown as operations.INTERACTION DIAGRAMInteraction diagram is used to describe the behavior of the system. And in theinteraction diagram it is separated by sequence diagram and collaboration diagram. The twodiagrams are more or less same. Sequence diagram is used to describe the time continuous of the
messages and a collaboration diagram describes the object structure in the way of sending andreceiving the messages. Interaction diagram is used to show how interaction is happenedbetween the systems. And it is used to describe the behavior of the system.SEQUENCE DIAGRAMCOLLABORATION DIAGRAM
Component diagram is used to deliver the physical components of the system. Andthe physical components like document, file and libraries. It is used to describe the relationamong the components of the system. And it is used to describe the functionality of the system.It is one special type of diagram. Mostly it is used to design the executable files and it is used todescribe the relationship in the components.DEPLOYMENT DIAGRAMS
Deployment diagrams normally used to describe the topology of the components of thesystem and used to deliver where the components are used. And in the deployment it mainlyconsider the static deployment. And it contains nodes and kind of relationship in that andintimate where the hardware and software components are deployed. And shows the hardwarecomponents as visualize. And it is used to describe the run time processing nodes. And used todisplay the deployment view. And deployment diagram has the parameters. They areperformance, scalability, maintainability and portability.
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