UMUC Library Network Design Proposal Part 3.

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UMUC Library Network DesignProposal Part 3Prepared for:Prepared by:
III. Network Services DesignA. Network ServicesBusiness NeedsThe business will need Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, File and Storage, Remote Desktop Service, Print and Document services, User Access Logging, and Application Server.Proposed Network ServicesThese services will be provided by Windows Server 2012 R2, and we will complete all the licensing through Microsoft. JustificationThe purpose of the Active Directory server will be to provide a standardized and centralized system that will computerize network management of security, disseminated resources, user data, and permits interoperation with other directories (What is Active directory, n. d.). Next the DHCP server will provide the different host with their Internet Protocol (IP), furthermore it will input more configuration data such as the default gateway and subnet mask. Since our devices will be using TCP/IP network than each host will need a unique unicast IP address which will be provided by the DHCP. This also can and will reduced network administration work. The DNS server will provide the name resolution protocol for TCP/IP networks which means that it permitsuser computers to resolve notable,alphanumeric Domain Name System names to the IP addresses that computers will utilize to communicate with each other. The file and storage services will be needed because it provides the ability to store information in a categorized structure, and data will be saved in files and folders. The system storing and retrieving system will have the data presented in the same layout. The remote desktop service supplies the technology that enable users to access conference-established desktop, or applications in the data center from both the Internet and within a corporate network. The print and document service will supply the network with the capabilities of being able to centralize printer service tasks, also the ability to collect scanned data from network scanners and route the documents to a shared network resource, or email addresses. The feature that help server administrator quantify the number of exclusive client requests of services and roles on a local server will be User Access Logging. B. Network Security MeasuresBusiness NeedsThe library will need to make sure that the University as a whole is protected, furthermore that the library does not pose weak security allowing intruders easy access to the network.Proposed Network Security MeasuresThe library will use McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Business software. This software will provide Anti-Malware, Management, Web and Messaging Security, and Data Protection. There also will be quarterly training for user so that they understand what to do and not to do on the library’s network. There will monthly training for the network administrators so that they are able to stay abreast of any changes in the networking community.

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