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Research On Amazon, eBay & Alibaba

Added on -2019-09-25

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Undergraduate Dissertation ProposalInstructureName: Chenxiao Li (Haylee)Student number: 14025203Program of study: EconomicsTitleThe difference between online shopping and traditional shopping on consumerbuying behavior and the impact of online shopping on national economy Proposed Research Question or AimKey QuestionsAim to discover how online shopping effects consumers to purchase goods.Aim to discover the trend of develop and negative or positive about onlineshoppingAim to analysis what’s the status of online shopping in the national economyKey methodQuestionnaires designed for consumers Interview the online shopping managerOrganisational Base3 key words Consumer behavior strategic management National economicSpecific Area of ResearchSpecific Area of StudyOnline shopping was a new consumption model in new century. With thedevelopment of the internet, and it’s diversification. Online shopping replacesthe traditional shopping model gradually. Changed people’s perception ofconsumption. Analysis the consumer behavior can promoting the interneteconomic market, and contribute the online sellers to adopt more reasonablemarket strategy and employ more effective marketing.This research will focus on three main online shopping websites: Amazon,eBay and Alibaba. This three are most famous online shopping site over the world. The pioneer“eBay” from 1995, exploited a fresh way of consumption. Analysis how they
operate the company and guide consumer to shopping online. and realize themarket strategic what they applied.In national economy, consumption is a crucial part. When consumersshopping online instead go to the mall. What will be changed in nationaleconomy. Reflect weather or not this phenomenon makes the nationaleconomy grow up.Relevant LiteratureThe literature used in the dissertation will focus three main aspect: consumerbehavior of online shopping, difference between online shopping andtraditional shopping, and how online shopping model promote the economicdevelopment.Timescale for researchProposed Timescale for your Research ProjectFrom: 01-Nov-2017To: 31-Mar-2017ActivityPlanner Use this activity planner to plan the main activities that youwill need to undertake in order to successfully complete your project.Use the date picker to identify when each activity should start and the targetcompletion date.Activity OneDescription of the ActivityDesign and, if necessary, pilot a questionnaire designed to find outperceptions on aggression.Activity One DatesPlease enter the start and end dates for the activityFrom: 20-Oct-2017To: 30-Nov-2017Activity TwoDescription of ActivitySend out questionaireActivity Two DatesPlease enter the start and end dates for the activity30-Nov-2017Activity ThreeDescription of the Activity

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