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Running head: ALGEBRA1AlgebraNameInstitution
ALGEBRA2AlgebraQuestion 1Iff(x)decreases with the increase in x, then it must increase as x gets smaller. Therefore,F(2)would be larger as compared toF(2).Question 2Average rate of change¿ChangeYChangeX= 3f(x)x=0at the intervals:2.2x5.2and5.2x6.9Question 4Average rate of change¿ChangeYChangeX= 5The average rates of change of f and g betweenx=2.2x=6.1are equal.Question 6Part aThe rate of change offis negative
ALGEBRA3Part bThe rate of change offis positiveQuestion 7LineFunctionAg(x)Bf(x)Ch(x)Du(x)Ev(x)Question 8Part ag(4)g(0)40=204=12=0.5Part bLine AB shows the line whose gradient was calculated in part a. That is,m=0.5
ALGEBRA4Part cg(b)g(a)ba=g(1)g(9)19=1(3)1+9=28=14=0.25Part dLine CD shows the line whose gradient was calculated in part c. That is,m=0.25Question 9Part if(x)=x2+1f(1)=(1)2+1=2f(3)=(3)2+1=10The two points become,(1,2)(3,10)
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