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MGMT 4015 - Scope & Quality Management

Added on - 05 Oct 2021

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Understanding Customer Relations
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Executive Summary
The report is going to discuss about the Coca Cola Company. The report will describe briefly
about the selected organization. This is very much necessary to understand the position of the
organization in the market and the benefits gained from market. The report will also discuss
about the competitive advantage offered to the business. This is important to understand the
strategies implemented by the Coca Cola Company. The report will discuss the value
proposition of the Coca Cola Company. The company is an American based corporation and
is the leading business in the sector of nonalcoholic beverage concentrate and syrups. The
Coca Cola Company is well known for its product invented in the year 1886. This business
serves globally and is the leading beverage company. The report is going to discuss about the
CRM model and process associated with the Coca Cola company. This includes customer
centricity towards the Coca Cola Company, the way this business attracts new customers.
This also includes the strategy to maintain the customer relationship within the business.
Apart from these, the customer complaints management within the business is also needed to
be understood. The report will also include implementation of new CRM processes and
finally the report will provide a recommendation in way to improve the working of the
The Coca Cola Company is a corporation mainly America based. This among the
leading beverage company. The founder of Coca Cola is John Pemberton and is having
headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. and United States. The company serves all over the
world and is having a great revenue rate. The organization employs around 61,800
employees. This is best-selling soft drink in maximum countries, and by the year 2010 this
was considered as the number one beverage company globally. The organization has spent
around US$3.256 billion for advertising purpose(Zhang, Zhang & Gao, 2015). The market
share of Coca Cola might not have increased as much a $300 billion and there are chances to
get reduced. The market share value of the company varies and it may be below 15% or it
will be above 45%. There are high chances that the share value will decrease with time for
Coca Cola Company. According to a statistical report the carbonated soft drink company got
dominated by the Coca Cola Company and the company holds a market share around 48.6
percent. Being the world’s largest beverage company, Coca Cola company is spread over
more than 200 countries and across 5 operating regions this includes, Asia Pacific, Europe,
middle east and Africa, north America, Latin America and bottling investments.
The organization has achieved great competitive advantage in the market due to its
brand image and due to the presence, all over the world. The main advantage of the Coca
Cola Company is that its presence globally and plays a significant role in more than 200
companies. It is easily identified by the logo among the crowd and is considered among huge
brands. The brand image is associated with the young generation and is used to represent
energy and youthfulness(Kumar & Reinartz, 2018). This shows, that the brand has found
great importance and loved by the youth all over the world. The company is having a large
supply chain and is associated with distribution network throughout the world. The company
aims at manufacturing and selling concentrates beverages and syrups to bottling operations.
The Coca Cola group is very much concerned with choosing the bottling operations and
invests accordingly. Apart from these two advantages the company possess a great marketing
capability. The company has served a great marketing campaigns and engage a lot of
customer. In spite of having digital technology the brand aims at creating attractive video
advertisements(Johanson & Mattsson, 2015). Financial strength is another important factor
that helps in gaining good competitive advantage and with the implementation of variation in
flavors and packaging it attracts more customers. Apart from this, the brand possesses several
patents, trade secrets and copyrights of their own. The company has licensed some of the
designing and packaging suppliers. This is important to understand that even the formulae of
soda beverages are also an important aspect for gaining competitive advantage towards the
The business Value proposition of Coca Cola Company
The value proposition Of Coca Cola Company provides value for their customers.
Thus, for the coca cola organization customer plays a major role in terms of delivering good
products. This is very much necessary to follow some points for having a good brad value
proposition(Homburg, Jozić, & Kuehnl, 2017). This includes:
Choosing a broad positioning: the aim of Coca Cola Company is to be the leading
beverage producing company. The coca cola has turned t be the best product leader by
following the value discipline of treacy and wiersema. The aim of the Coca Cola Company is
hatting every family should have a bottle of coke at the time of lunch. Apart from this, the
second objective is to be excellent in operations(Soltani, & Navimipour, 2016).
Choosing a specific position: the positioning of the brand can be decided base on
the several sources used, this includes:
Positioning the attribute: sweet, refreshing, unique, tasted
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