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Human Behavior Assignment (Doc)

Added on - 15 Mar 2020

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Running head: HUMAN BEHAVIOUR1Human BehaviorNameInstitutionDate of submission
HUMAN BEHAVIOUR2IntroductionUnderstanding human behavior entirely has been challenging, and therefore, it requiresincorporation of various variables that affect human behavior either directly or indirectly(Baum,2017). Impulsive behavior is usually an erratic and poorly controlled behavior in humans. Thispaper, therefore, discusses the impulsive human behavior, discriminative stimuli, positivereinforces, and how the behavior can be supported socially.Impulsive behaviorFor a while now I have realized the frequency of occurrence of my impulsivity. I usuallyattempt tasks and assignments before understanding the instructions and the direction of thequestion fully. Impulsive behavior is an action taken or initiated before putting into considerationthe outcome, costs, consequences and result of the action(Sharmaet al., 2004). Therefore, I havedecided to make it a habit of reading the instructions keenly before undertaking any task.Baseline measurement of my impulsivityRecently, I have noticed how remorseful I become when any of my actions lead to amishap or an error. Many are the times I call out in class with the wrong answer as well asexperience difficulties in organizing my materials in an orderly manner. Individuals showingimpulsive behavior usually cause a lot of harm to themselves, friends, and their family(Bridgeetal., 2015). For the past few days, my actions have made me get into unintended trouble with myteachers and colleagues, hence, need to undertake measures to improve my behavior.Discriminative stimuli
HUMAN BEHAVIOUR3A discriminative stimulus usually increases the chances of a response occurring. Itsignals the behavior-consequence relationship. Quick questions normally disorganize me, and Ifind myself making hasty decisions and thereby answering wrongly. To overcome this, I havedecided to take my time before answering any question directed to me. I thereby write themdown and analyze all possible outcomes to overcome forgetfulness and hence give the bestanswer.Positive reinforcersPositive reinforcers are events that can trigger the occurrence or increase the probabilityof the occurrence of the behavior(Clark, 2017).Social activities such as games increase thelikelihood of the impulsive behavior occurring. Positive reinforcement such as teasing, jeering,and laughing accelerate the manner in which am likely to respond. Therefore, to avoid becomingaggressive, before engaging in any social function, I analyze the situation keenly and thinkbefore I act. I also, ask my friends to be patient with me in case I unconsciously make a mistake.Progress towards changing the behaviorReading instructions keenly and analyzing of the situation before answering or engagingin a task, has seen me improve my behavior bit by bit. Now I don’t make same silly mistakes as Iused to do before. Though I still find myself making hasty decisions at times, I have made asignificant effort in giving out the correct answers. Also, have been able to control myremorsefulness and aggressiveness especially in the presence of discriminative stimuli andpositive reinforcers.Simple self-monitoring in changing the behavior
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