Understanding of Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Added on - Feb 2020

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1.1: Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance ofcorrect moving and positioning of individuals.Understanding of basic anatomy and physiology helps in reducing the risk of harm tooneself and others at the time of moving and positioning. For example, a patient requires assistancefrom others people while getting out of chair and that made him depended on other people. So, it isessential that patient should be moved and handled in right position and in a safe way because ithelps to prevent them from accidents and injuries. To minimise this risk, care workers have tofollow right process and use right equipments for carrying out or handling patients.1.2:Describe the impact of specific conditions on the correct movement and positioning of anindividual.People with arthritis often experiences stiff pain in joints and due to this; they can movetheir joints in limited areas only. It is important for them to be more careful while moving andpositioning to prevent from pain discomfort situations. On the other hand, person havingParkinson's diseases can have intolerant limbs which highly affect the moving body parts as well.Therefore, it is needed to not to force them to move their limbs because it may cause damage tojoints and create more pain as well.2.1:Describe how current legislation and agreed ways of working affect working practicesrelated to moving and positioning individuals.Every time, care workers support individual one at a time of performing handling. In thissituation, it is required to ensure that some legislation have to be followed because it may affectworking practices of care workers related to moving and positioning individual. For example,Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipments Regulation 1998, the following legislation ensures thatequipments that are used during lifting of patients are safe and suitable to perform operations. Onthe other hand, Manual Handling Operation Regulation 1992 legislation has affected the workingpractices of moving and positioning individuals. Application of this assists to ensure that at the timeof manual handling of patients, care workers should consider different aspects of moving andhandling individual.2.2:Describe what health and safety factors need to be taken into account when moving andpositioning individuals and any equipment used to do this.At the time of moving and handling of patient through any kind of equipment, care workersneed to the consider some health and safety factors like body mass of the individual, physicalcharacteristics, age, type of equipments, clear route from obstacles etc. For example, during lifting2
of patient through any equipment, care workers have to ensure that selected machine is able to carryout individual body and lift it carefully or not. By considering this factor, probability of fall ofpatient by equipments can be reduced. On the other hand, age factor of end user has to beconsidered in health and safety aspects because sometimes, the chosen equipment for carrying theindividual is not suitable according to his/her age. There also prevails chances regarding old agepatients suffering from pain or other injuries while moving and lifting from any wrong equipments.3.1:Describe when advice and/or assistance should be sought to move or handle an individualsafely.Moving and positioning of injured patient is related decisions that should not be takenlightly. For taking such kind of action, social care workers should take assistance from seniors andexperience person. For example, if spinal injured patients are handled and cared without anyguidance then, it may create danger for them. To avoid this situation, care workers should follow theguidance of senior members and doctors. Along with this, they should take the help of their co-workers to understand how to move or handle individual safely.3.2:Describe what sources of information are available regarding moving and positioningindividuals.At the time of moving and positioning individuals, some sources of information should bethere because it guides the care workers to handle the patients. In this context, sources ofinformation are training, care plan, policies and procedures, legislations etc. All these are reliableinformation sources. For example, by organising training, some guidelines can be provided to thecare workers about moving and positioning patients. With the help of this, they can easilyunderstand what things are needed to be considered at the time of moving and handling individuals.4.1: Explain why it is important to recognise and respect an individual's heritage.For a care worker, it is important to recognise and respect an indicative heritage duringdelivering care services. The customs and religious practices of every person are different from oneanother. So, it is important to identify them and provide services accordingly. For instance, some ofthe patients have required freedom to perform their daily work because they have achieved a levelof satisfaction by doing this. On the other hand, some patients like gardening while they are facingany kind of illness because the following work has made their day and kept them away from stress.So, it is important to recognise and respect an individual’s heritage because it helps in giving thetreatment to the patients in more effective manner.4.2: Compare the experience of dementia for an individual who has acquired it as an older3
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