Assignment on Understanding Operation, Logistic and Supply Chain Management

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Operations managementrefers to the managing operations and activities of anorganisation for achieving the organisational goals effectively and efficiently. Operationsmanagement must be effective for handling the various processes of an organisation as witheffective management of operations, organisations can deliver their products and servicesquickly to their end users as well as also through this, the efficiency of the organisation can b eincreased. Logistics refers to the management of the different things and processes from thepoint of origin to the final point for fulfilling the demands and requirements of consumers.Supply chain management refers to the process of supplying products and services from thecompany to the end users for satisfying their needs and demands. Suitable supply chain mediummust be selected by the engagement of the organisations for delivering the unharmed productsand services on the right time. In this report the taken organisation is Ormond street hospitalwhich is UK based children hospital providing treatment and care to the patients in UK. Thisreport will discuss the location, layout and managing people in operations and supply chainsalong with the motivational theories for increasing the motivation of employees.Ormond street hospitalis the chosen company in this assignment essay. It is a UK basedhospital who is providing treatment and care to the children mainly and is situated inBloomsbury area of the London. This hospital is one of the largest centre for heart surgery ofchildren in the UK and also one of the biggest centres for heart transplant in the entire world. In1962, this hospital developed a heart and lung transplant machine for the children. The hospitalalso developed an improved shunt valve for the children. Also this hospital did the first trail ofthe rubella vaccine along with the first bone marrow transplant. This hospital is working withUniversity College London in partnership and is the largest centre for research and postgraduateteaching in the area of children's health(Rushton, Croucher and Baker, 2014).The taken topics in this report is location and layout as well asmanaging people inoperations and supply chains. Location is the place of hospital which is chosen for theestablishment. Layout is the structure of the hospital for carrying out their activities andoperations. These both impacts the profitability and scope of future expansion. Proper analysismust be done for choosing these both location and layout(Closs, Speier and Meacham, 2011).Without proper understanding of place and structure, company's can face problems and issues inexpansion of business. With suitable location, the patients can come to the hospital easily andalso with this, the sales and profitability of the organisation can improve.
Thelocationis the place at which the facility or plant of an organisation is established.The take n theory for location is Location theory. This theory addresses the various questionsrelated to the economic activities based on the reason for choosing the location and why thelocation is chosen for the establishment. This theory states that the organisations choose thelocations which best fits their interest for increasing their profits as well as their utility. In thistheory, various factors are discussed which needs to be consider for choosing the suitablelocation in order to gain maximum output. According to this theory, The most necessary factorfor choosing the location is transportation. Proper transportation facilities and road network mustbe considered before choosing a location for hospital as these are essential for transferring thepatient in times of emergency. Convenience of patients is the second option to consider. In thisorganizations prioritise the comfort and ease of patient for accessing their facilities which resultsin a good experience of customer and also it contribute to the probability that they will return andrefer the hospital to the other in case of treatment and care. These accessibility options includesproximity to a highway interchange, parking etc. Third thing to consider is electricity and waterfacilities which are essential in any organisation for treating the patients with the necessary careand treatment(Christopher, 2016). Without these electricity and water facilities, survival of thepatients, families and staff in the hospital will be difficult and without these proper facilities,people tends to ignore the hospital even if the technology of the hospital must be updated. Thetechnologies available in that area is also crucial for the hospital. Pharmacy shops must be closeso that the medicines are provided to the patients when not available in the hospital. Environmentalso plays an important role in choosing the location as people tends to go good and healthyenvironment while taking treatment.The location of Great Ormond street hospital is in Bloomsbury area of the London whichis perfect place with all the facilities mentioned above and are essential for hospitals. Thislocation of the hospital is close by train, buses and air transport along with the necessaryelectricity, water and other facilities(Jacobs, Chase and Lummus, 2014). When comparing thesefacilities withArnold Palmer hospital and Great Ormond street hospital, Locations of bothhospitals are located on suitable place which are available with all the facilities as discussedabove. The technology is also updated in these both hospitals along with the equal level servicesare provided to patients at both facilities.
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