Work Culture of Systema Group

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RUNNING HEAD: Understanding the wok CultureUNDERSTANDING THE WORK CULTURESystema Group
Systema Group1IntroductionSystema Group is a company that was founded in year 2003. It belongs to accounting andaccounting services and business services industry with an aim to premier, dependableaccounting and business services to the clients (Systema group, 2018). The clients varies fromsmall to medium to large scale enterprises with a huge net worth.Brief AnalysisIt is a private company with a size of 11-50 employees headquartered in Cheltenham, Victoria.They aim at providing services and advices through the experts’ experiences and that enables aclient to gain confident financially and reach their potential as well. It is a medium sizedaccounting firm with $7 million of revenue (Zoom info, 2018). The key founders of Systemagroup areR obert pertich (D irector),R aj s heth(M anager), Tracey baker(s enior accountant) and many more (Systema Group, 2018).Systema Group helps people in different categories like personal, business, consulting and cloudcomputing. Different activities based on categories are listed below.Personal activities:Personal activities include managing the best outcomes for handling personal affairs is one ofbest services provided by Systema Group. They tends to provide financial position from growthlevel to retirement level by planning strategically and providing wealth and tax advice to itsclients. Accounting and tax needs of every person varies from person to person. So, Systemagroup focuses on delivering personal services which will help their client to achieve both shortterm as well as long term goals in terms of finance (Systema Group, 2018).Business activities:
Systema Group2Under business category, it provide the service that will assure the financial success and growthof the client by providing corporate advises. It aims at providing the services likeFamily Officeadministration, FBT, Payroll Tax, GST, Salary Packaging, Tax Return Preparation and FinancialStatement Preparation. The services are not restricted to these categories but it also provide othermany business services in abundance.Consulting activities:Systema group enables in providing a very sound consulting services to their clients in terms ofaccounting and financial assistance which is very unique. It also plans to provide niche serviceslikeTax Consulting, Business Structuring Superannuation & Retirement Planning, EstatePlanning, and Due Diligence on Acquisition, Preparing for Sale Business Process or efficiencyreviews and Business Health Checkups.Cloud computing:Under cloud computing, this process has led to the usage of cloud computing software named asrecognized Xero advisors. It enables in technological growth of the business by involving theservices likeData Entry & Processing Activity Statement & Work Cover lodgment PayrollManagement EOM Requirements and Outsourcing (Esfahany, 2010).Leadership style followed by Systema GroupSystema Group follows participative leadership style. Participative leadership style is the stylewhere employees are boosted up to make decisions and feel like their opinions really matter(Hoel, 2010). In Systema group, the advisors advises but the final decisions are taken by theclients (Vries, 2010). They are free to participate and make contribution in other to take anydecisions.
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