Report on Study of Unemployment

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Running Head: UNEMPLOYMENT STUDYUnemployment StatusName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
UNEMPLOYMENT STUDY1Answer 1From the results in table 1, it can be said that the average age of the sample of 50unemployed people of Philadelphia selected for thus study is 36.6 years and the average durationof unemployment is 15.54 weeks. For the variables age and weeks of unemployment, mean isgreater than the median which is again greater than the mode. Thus, it can be said that thedistribution of values is positively skewed. This implies that most of the unemployed individualsare less than 36.6 years and are unemployed for less than 15.54 weeks. 50 percent of theunemployed individuals are between 26.25 years and 45 years and are unemployed for a timebetween 7.25 weeks and 19.75 weeks.Table 1: Descriptive Statistics of Age and WeeksAgeWeeksMean36.60Mean15.54Standard Error1.69Standard Error1.40Median34Median13.5Mode27Mode7Standard Deviation11.95Standard Deviation9.93Sample Variance142.69Sample Variance98.54Kurtosis-1.15Kurtosis0.05Skewness0.36Skewness0.91Range39Range38Minimum20Minimum1Maximum59Maximum39Sum1830Sum777Count50Count50
UNEMPLOYMENT STUDY2Table 2: Quartiles for Age and WeeksQuartiles:AgeWeeksFirst Quartile26.257.25Second Quartile3413.5Third Quartile4519.75Figure 1: Relation between Age and Number of Weeks of Unemployment

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