Eco-friendly Shopping Assignment

Added on - 22 Feb 2021

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Unique eco-building — Festival WalkAt the shopping mall, people can find different types of stores. However, have theyever paid attention to the shopping mall design? Festival Walk is a seven-storiedshopping mall which is located in Kowloon Tong. The shopping mall was designed by“Arquitectonica”, a well-known American architectural firm, with “flowing water”,“canyon” and “glacier” as the design layout concepts. In 2017, Festival Walk receivedthe Final Platinum certification of BEAM Plus EB for existing buildings in the HongKong Green Building Council(HKGBC). Eco-friendly shopping mall designs ofFestival Walk have three major positive impacts on building design and management,namely decreasing operational costs, reducing the amount of environmental pollution,and raising environmental protection awareness among citizens.First of all, an eco-friendly shopping mall design is effective in reducing operationalcosts. In Festival Walk, the glasses over the atrium are transparent. It provides naturallight to the interior of the building. Also, the interior design is dominated by whitelight. The light inside the mall is brighter and more natural. Also, Festival Walk used anew LED AR111 series for main lighting functions. Compared with halogen AR111lamps, the LED AR111 series saves up to 80% of energy(MEGAMAN, n.d.).However, it provides the same luminosity. After using LED AR111, energyconsumption dropped by 736000 kWh in a year which means less electricity is used
up. HK-BEAM Society (2007) pointed out “Festival Walk converting the air-cooledconditioning system to a water-cooled one in 2002 to improve energy efficiency.”This system has reduced energy consumption by almost 5 million kWh in a year.Festival Walk reduces a large amount of consumption of electric power. Therefore, itcuts back on spending every year.Secondly, an eco-friendly mall design can reduce the amount of environmentalpollution. Operating a shopping mall consumes a lot of energy. Using LED AR111series, Festival Walk carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 515 tons in a year(MEGAMAN, n.d.). Hong Kong Green Building Council(2017) mentioned, “FestivalWalk is the first mall to direct thermal energy from the melting of ice from FestivalWalk’s Glacier ice skating rink for air conditioning purposes of its office units.” Thisdesign can save 43,827kWh of energy annually.Carbondioxide is one of thegreenhouse gases. It is produced when electricity is used. And it causes air pollutionand global warming. Also, the mall switches off lighting from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Thenthe mall can avoid light pollution caused by excessive use of lighting systems.Generally, when the amount of energy consumption decreases, it can be less emissionreduction and less pollution.
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