Unit 1 Business and Business Environment - Volkswagen Report

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INTRODUCTIONBusiness and business environment will play an important role in the organisations tobring the corrective measure and deal with various aspect of the business. The report consist ofVolkswagen AG is an auto mobile industry deals in the various products such as Automotive,commercial vehicles engines, motorcycles machinery. The various kind and function oforganisation unrestricted, private and wilful sectors and judicial structures. The function of thecited firm and interrelationship between the various divisions. The Political, Economic, Social,Technological, Environment and legal factor to determine the impact on the business operation.Strength and weaknesses of the firm will be important to know which can be done with theexternal analysis of the organisations.P1 Various types of organisations and the growth of the international business environment.Covered in PPT.P2Background details of the various organisation with its size and scope of a range.Covered in PPT.1
It’s worked by the legislature and exist to give administration to its subjects. Thedeliberate segment association in people in general division don't try to produce makebenefitThe administration is monopolistic in nature the administration is influenced with anopen intrigue and in this manner incorporate transport and correspondence, supply ofwater, power and so on. Managing an account, Credit and protection office is additionallynational bank business bank and life, protection and so forth. They have multi-reasonimprovement ventures. For example, age of energy, stream valley ventures, nuclearvitality and so on. To supplement Private ventures different businesses set ups in peoplein general area. They social and exercises to advance expressions, science, culture,broadcasting and TV and so on.At the point when numerous individuals consider open segment work about workplacesand bursaries.2
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