Unit 2: Manage Personal and Professional Development

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Unit 2: Manage personal and professional developmentWorksheet 1: Evaluate and improve own performance1Complete a SWOT analysis to consider yourStrengths andWeaknesses,Opportunities andThreats. (AC 2.3)StrengthsI’m well educated and I have Master’s degree which isbeneficial in my career growth.Honest and hard working towards my work.I have time management and analytical skills which helpsin completing work effectively and efficiently.I’m a quick learner and team worker.WeaknessesI inherit lack of communication and presentation skill whichsignificantly impacts the overall functioning of my concernedwork.Lack of practical knowledge and technical skills.Poor public speaking confidence.I get distracted easily and often procrastinate.OpportunityI have lots of chances to communicate with other.Additional course to in order to increase knowledge.Different clubs to get along with people.Gain working experience to increase practical knowledgeThreatsWorking in small company which does not offer professionaltraining and growth.Lack of support from team leader, impacts my decision making inseveral negative ways.Fitting into culture or environment of company, sometimesbecome quite difficult.2Identify trends and developments that influence the need for personal and professional development (AC1.2)(For example, legal changes can bring in new legislations such as qualification level to undertake a job or technological changes can bring in newways of working within industries.)
Technologies changes:With the emerging of new and advance technology, it will lead to bring new changes in working style of industry.Technological trends such as online learning solution, internet speed, the cloud and so on. This will help in improving effectiveness andefficiency of employees and enhance productivity of company.Legal changes:Legal changes will bring new rules, regulation and legislation within industry. These legislations include certainqualification level for undertaking a job role, minimum salary set by government for employee working with certain skill set. This will help ingetting job with better pay.Social changes:With the increase in social networking sites, it provides an opportunity to improve networking. Good industry networksare beneficial for growth and professional development of individual. Social activities essentially help an individual in building a stablemind set because such activities basically encourage them to work with their full potential.Economical changes:Changes in economy and demographical shift of individual play a crucial role in personal and professional. Thesechanges will lead to increase lifestyle and working style of a person. Individual are shifting from fulling basic needs to living luxuries life.2Using the weaknesses identified in your SWOT analysis evaluate current development needs (AC1.3, AC 2.3)(for example, you may require improving your communication and presentation skills to improve the way you communicate with customers as quickas possible. You may also require getting qualified to get a promotion at work. However, improving communication skills may be a priority to meetthe immediate needs at work)On the bases on SWOT analysis, current development needs are mention below:I need to improve my both verbal and non-verbal communication skills in order to present my ideas and thoughts in better manner.Interact and communicate more with people so that I can increase my confidence level.Focus on work and increase practical knowledge.I should start reading more article, books blogs in order enhance sense of communication.2Using the weaknesses identified in your SWOT analysis evaluate future development needs (AC1.3, AC 2.3)(for example, you may want to become an expert in the use of MS Office to manage projects at work. You may also require achieving a Degree inBusiness so that you can get better paid job. However, constantly training yourself in MS office tools can help you manage work projects as well ashelp you in completing Degree course work. Therefore, it would be better to prioritise improving MS Office skills to help you achieve future goals)Future development needs are:I should do additional course which will help in increasing technical skills. Additional course will be beneficial in getting promotionand salary hike.
Develop strong leadership and management skills. Ability to manage people is a very powerful skill and exhibiting strongmanagement and leadership skill will be big advantage in competitive environment.I should focus on developing critical thinking skills. This skill will help in taking right decision and improve problem solving skills.These skills will lead to distinguish with other employees.3Prioritisethreeareas for development, with a target date.Area for developmentBy whenWho can support(Manager/Teacher/ProfessionalBody/Websites etc.)1.Communication skill4 MonthsManager, supervisor andwebsites.2.Practical and technological knowledge3 MonthsTeacher and team leader.3.Leadership and management skills6 MonthsProfessional body and manager.2Explain basis on which types of development actions are selected (AC 2.2)(This explanation must be specific to your job role, personal and professional circumstances)These development actions are selected in order to gain better professional career and personal life. Effective communication is veryimportant in my manager profile. This job role includes delegating task and interacting with other employees. There are several types ofdevelopment basis which can be eventually be used in order to enhance overall productivity of an individual into several areas. Majorcategory of individual development action includes the following aspects:Job Role: In order to significantly accomplish business objectives with efficiency an individual shall be productive enough to fulfil inthe job role assigned to him with full potential.Personal and Professional circumstances: Development of an individual shall be done in such a way that he/she is able to handleall kinds of obstacles faced in personal or professional life.
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