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UNIT 2 Marketing Essentials Assignment : Cadbury

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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INTRODUCTIONIn today’s world, Marketing plays a very important role for an organisation as it will helpthe firm to sale out their products and services and generate a decent revenue for the firm.Marketing helps the firm to carry out the business operations and meet consumer’s demands inan effective way (Hair Jr and, 2015). Other than this, marketing or promotional activitiesthat help the organisation to have a sustainable growth in market. For this report, Cadbury isselected. It a UK based chocolate and confectionery firm.The report will include the concepts of marketing with current and future trends inpractice. Also, it will provide a brief overview of marketing practices that are been taken inconsideration. Roles and responsibilities of marketing managers are been analysed with relationof marketing to other departments. Other than this, the significance of interrelationship amongdifferent functional departments of the firm is been considered. Along with this, the marketingmix to the planning process and basic marketing plan is been presented.MAIN BODY1Marketing can be defined as an activity that is been followed by a firm or individualtorecognise, evaluate and fulfil the demands of all the stakeholders involved in exchangeofinterests. In other words, it is the process in which one party produce and deliver the product orservices by promoting it and provide it to another party in form of some payments. This is thecore concept of marketing process that is been taken in consideration by the firm. For anorganisation like Cadbury, marketing is a very important concept that helps it to maintain aneffective connection with its customers.Other than this, it supports organisation to identifyrequirements or needs of their buyers and develop suitable measures to meet them in an effectiveand significant manner.Some of the major marketing trends that are currently undergoing presently in the marketare:Word of mouth publicity:This is the most famous marketing trend that helps a firm tocarry out the business operations or functions in much suitable way.It helps organisationto get the effective customer base and generate a good amount of revenue(Zinser andBrunswick, 2010).1
Experience based trends:Now days, users take in consideration the suitable andeffective experience driven approach that is provided by a firm to its consumers.Some major market trends that will be relevant in future are as follows:Data driven marketing:With effective incorporation of technologies and generation ofhuge quantity of data that will be utilised by the firms like Cadbury to develop andpromote high quality products and services for its customers. This is based on theinformation gathered through social media, websites and other digital sources.It will helpion the proper assessment of the operations which will help in effective planning of thedata driven promotional measures within the firm.Content based marketing:It will include the development of an effective pattern whichassists effective handling of selected firms functions or operationsby an organisationwhich support the proper placing of the promotional activities by Cadbury in market in aneffective way.The content based marketing will play a very crucial and significant role inattracting the employees and improve revenue generation.2Marketing processes are been looked after by a firm like Cadbury that will help insuitable growth and development of marketing processes by an organisation. The following ofproper marketing process will help in suitable management of marketing activity. The marketingprocess and steps are as follows:Analysis of market opportunity:For an organisation like Cadbury, the effectiveidentification and analysis of marketing opportunities is very important. This is beneficialfor the firm as it helps to take the suitable steps to improve one’s performance and have a2
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