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Unit 2: Professional Development For Strategic Managers|Ritz Carlton

Added on - 23 Jan 2020

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EDSML level 7: Unit 2Pooja Ben Gandhi1.1 Use appropriate methods to evaluate personal skills required to achieve strategic goals11.2 Apply techniques to assess the professional skills required to support the strategicdirection of the Organization.42.1 Carry out the skill audit to evaluate the strategic skills needed to meet current and futureleadership requirement62.2 Apply appropriate techniques to identify preferred learning style73.1 Construct a personal development plan that meets leadership development requirementsidentified in the skill audit83.2 Use suitable methods to assess the outcomes of personal development plan againstpersonal work objectives.93.3 Evaluate the impact of own learning against the achievement of strategic goal10II.CONCLUSION11III.REFERENCES11IV.Apendices12Tables and figuresTable 1: Evaluation of Time management SkillsTable 2: Evaluation of problem Solving skillsTable 3: Evaluation of Communication SkillsTable 4: Evaluation of Coaching and Mentoring SkillsTable 5: Evaluation of Leadership and Management SkillsTable 6: SWOT analysisTable 7: VAK Model FrameworkTable 8: Scores of VAK Model FrameworkFigure 1: My Preferred learning styleTable 9: My personal Development PlanTable 10: Outcomes of Personal development planPage2of18
EDSML level 7: Unit 2Pooja Ben GandhiINTRODUCTIONThis report aims to evaluate my personal and professional skills which are essentially needed inbeing an individual in leadership or managerial role. As presently I am working as the humanResource (HR) manager at one of the most famous hotels of United Kingdom (UK) named asRitz Carlton and managing the team of 300 members.As it is established from Moon, (2013) that in order to gain the success in the competitivebusiness environment, only managers or leaders are the key persons who are able to recommendan appropriate business strategy for its corporation and leads it to the success. Henceforth, inorder to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of being associated with the given position, I willhave to develop number of skills and competencies. Thus, evaluation of my personal andprofessional skills are presented as follows1.1 Use appropriate methods to evaluate personal skills required to achievestrategic goalsIt is widely accepted that the time management, problem solving and verbal and writtencommunication skills are some of those personal qualities which are immensely required toachieve the strategic goals.Thus, with the help of these skills only, I had been able to direct myefforts with regard to leadership as well as manage employees of Ritz Carlton hotel in anappropriate manner.Henceforth, in order to acquire the strategic goal of my organization which is to ensure that myteam members are performing their duties effectively and dutifully; I will evaluate my abovementioned skills with the help of checklist skill review method which helps me highlighting mystrengths and shortcomings. Through this method, I prepare the list of all the characteristicswhich defines these key skills. Then, I will put the check mark in front of the respectivecharacteristic to acknowledge that I am confident doing that, needed improvement or not at allconfident. Thus, in this way, I will be able to find out my strengths and areas of improvementwhich later helps me developing action plan related to learn these skills. In addition, I will beable to assess that whether I am going on the right direction or not.The illustration is presented below in Table 1, 2 and 3 respectively.Page1of18
EDSML level 7: Unit 2Pooja Ben GandhiTable 1: Evaluation of Time management SkillsSkillsI’mreallyconfidentI candothisNotentirelysure–Icouldstillimprove.Ireallyneedtoworkonthis.I amabletoorganizemytimesothat Icomfortably meetallmydeadlinesformytasksI seek help or supportfrom higherauthoritiesifIhavedifficulty completingataskI keepadiaryorcalendarsothatI alwaysknowwhenIhavetoorder stock, managestaff, meet staff and prioritize tasksI arriveontimeto work,appointmentsandmeetingsI amaware ofthethingsthatcausemetowastetimeandamabletoavoidthemwhen IhaveworktocompleteIhavefuturetargetsin mindregardingmycareer andusethesetohelpmefocusoncurrenttasksSource:Stella Cottrell (2015) Skills for success, Macmillan publishers limitedThe above given table gives explanation about my time management ability. Thus, this depictthat I am able to perform my work within a given deadline. However, I still believe that I have to learn alot many things with respect to manage my work effectively. For example, maintaining register.In this context, (presented in table 1), I had analyzed that being HR manager of firm Ipossess some of good time management skills apart from some areas of improvements whichenables me to organize, prioritize and plan my given tasks. In addition, by using these skills, Ihad given direction to the employees of hotel appropriately as a result of which, strategic goal offirm can be met. However, I need to seriously work on possible hurdles and interestingdiversions that cause me to waste time and lose focus.Table 2: Evaluation of problem Solving skillsSkillsI’mreallyconfidentI candothisNotentirelysure–Icouldstillimprove.Ireallyneedtoworkonthis.I amabletousedifferentmethodsforexploringaproblem.I amabletoconsiderarangeofalternativesolutionstoaproblemI amabletoworkproductivelywithotherstoPage2of18
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