Unit 3: Human Resource Management Assignment Solved

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IntroductionHuman Resource Management (HRM)plays the most important role in an organization asit involves practices such as employee recruitments, employee selection, assessing employee,and firing employees. The HR managers have the responsibility to keep balance between therecruitments and resignation process; while keeping the employee number same. Theobjective of HRM is finding the appropriate employee for the vacant post. Identifying theright employee, evaluating the employee and sending them for the appropriate training are thefunction of a HR manager. In this paper, the function and purpose, strength and weakness,advantage, relevance, regulations regarding HRM have been described.
LO1:The Purpose and Scope of Human Resource ManagementP1.The Purpose and the functions of HRM, applicable for workplace planning andresourcing an organization.Human resource management is a process of hiring, selecting, staffing or providing propertraining and motivation to workplace for the purpose of enhancing effectiveness ofemployees and for achieving maximum productiveness of an organization. Achieving theorganization’s goals through properly utilizing human resources should be the main purposebehind human resource management(Pfeffer., 1995). HRM plays an influential role in thegrowth and the healthy development of an organization such as Appirio.Human resource management is primarily concerned with the functions such as hiring andselecting, human resource analyzing, providing training, rewarding, performance analyzingand evaluating, motivating and compensating.Key functions of Human Resource ManagementJob Analysis:Job analysis should be the primary operation of any business organizationslike Appirio. To simply put, it is the process of analyzing the job itself, to measure out therequirements and qualifications needed to identify the person who is suitable for the job.Recruitment and Selection:The most important function of HRM should be hiring andselecting ideal candidates to ensure the goals and objectives of an organization. Identifying,recruiting and interviewing, selecting the most qualified, skilled and experienced candidatesis crucial for company’s accomplishment.Training and Development:Providing proper training can help the employees to gatherskills and knowledge to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently. Training anddevelopment programs are necessary for enhancing the productivity of workplaceenvironment within Appirio.Compensation and benefits:The goal of this function is to motivate the employees and toensure a healthy workplace. A reward system be crucial for maintaining a friendly, healthy
environment between the employees and the managers. Giving out promotion, bonuses, jobsecurity, holidays etc. attracts and motivates employees.Communication and Employee engagement:Communication plays a key role in anyworkplace to maintain a good relationship among the employees and the employers.Communication leads to well-balanced and friendly work environment. The HR managers ofAppirio must maintain employee engagement and communication to eliminate any workplacehostility.P2.The Strengths and the weakness of different approaches to recruitment and selection.Recruitment is a process of finding the right person for the right job. Picking up the potentialcandidates among the swarm of applicants and selecting the most skilled and knowledgeableperson to by interviewing them is crucial for any business organization such as Appirio.Potential candidates can be recruited through both Internal and External means. So, there are2 different approaches to for recruitment, internal recruitment & external recruitment. Bothapproaches have their own strengths and weaknesses(Pfeffer., 1995).Internal recruitmentis when an organization or a company recruits employees from withinthe borders of that organizations, through pre-existing employees by mostly the using themethod of promotion or transfer(Mohapatra and Biswal, 2016).StrengthsInternal recruitment is less time demandingbetween the two approaches. The process is costefficient and cheap & will be beneficial for Appirio. By promoting an employee, Appirio cancreate motivation and can retain the existing employees. It builds loyalty among employeesand increases moral.Weaknesses
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