Unit: 3 Information system

Added on - Sep 2019

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Name: Md Alamin BhuyianID: 1022356Unit: 3 Information systemTask number: 1.2 criteria: D1How to improve the quality of businessinformationA good quality of information can give a clear idea of their performance to a business owner. It canhelp them to maintain their company reputation, then they will be able to avoid financial loss. So it isreally important that the business has a good quality information. When a company has goodinformation then they can think how they can improve the information.AccuracyIt’s really important that all the business have a good source of information. To improve the qualityof the information of NGM auto rental they have to make sure that all the information they haveprovided for customers all of them are accurate. To make a business run successfully every singleorganisation has to be sure that the information they provide it’s accurate. If any information is not100% correct the business can loss the trust of their customer. For example, if the auto rentalcompany provide the wrong information about a car and the customer took the car with them butthey haven’t found any of the advantage that the car company said then the auto rental companymay lose their customers trust. The accuracy of factual information can help people to judge thereliability of the NGM auto rental. Accuracy of information can also provide clues to possible bias inthe resource under investigation. To make sure that the information is accurate they can use DATAvalidation software, itsaves information as data types to reduce errors when comparing or manipulatingdata.RelevantThe information obtained and used should be needed for decision making. Any kind of informationshould be relevant to the topic. All the information that NGM has provided it must be relevant totheir topic which is about hire a car. Giving some information which is not relevant to the topic is useless as well as the consumers becomes less interest to the organisation. For example if NGM’sbooking form not related to book or hire car its will be pointless because the consumer wouldn’t beable to figure out what is this. A good way of ensuring relevance is to closely define the objectives ofany information reports or produce information that focuses on exceptions.Up-to-dateAs long as with accuracy and relevant the information has to be up to date. To improve the quality ofinformation the business owner has to be careful that the information is up to date. The NGM autorental should update their information all the time, if they keep the information up to date theircustomers will be able to know that’s new things is coming to NGM auto rental. To improve thisinformation NGM can update their information at least once in a month and they can upload it totheir webpage so anyone can see the new information, they can send leaflet to their customer’shouses to do that NGM can select some of the customers list from their database.Assignment number: 1Assignment title: NGM Auto RentalCourse Name: BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT
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