Unit 304: Prepare and maintain environment

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Unit 304:Prepare and maintain environment, instruments andequipment for clinical dental proceduresWritten Project:Validation of Dental Equipment and Instruments304. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3Range: 1abcdefghi304. 3.2, 3.8In your day to day work as a dental nurse you must always ensure that alldental equipment is functioning properly. For this you must validate dentalequipment and instruments on a daily basis following manufacturer’sguidelines, organisational and legal requirements.Over the next week, please complete the following table explaining the actionsyou take to validate equipment (ensure its functioning properly) and explainingwhat records do you maintain (including date, time, where do you recordoutcomes and keep records, what information/details do you record).EquipmentValidation of DentalEquipment and InstrumentsRecords keptDental ChairBefore start day I amchecking the dental chairpower on, hand piece light on,foot pedal control, main switchpanel, seat moving up down,armrest, back support,backrest, headrest, dentallight.Dental chair must beserviced under guideline ofmanufacturer which includesthereplacementofcomponents,repair,preventionandmaintenance. With this,dentist keep the recordabout chair model and serialnumber. It is checkedregularly after treating morethan two patients. Wipe outthe chair for ensuring thesurface stay wet for 2-3minutes.Aspiratorl am activate rinsing program,rinsing instrument tubes andwater supply system , flashingsuction tube and suctionsystem .Cup filler for water, airvacuum, saliva ejector (open-close) and bowl flush nozzle.Aspirator is an ejector jetpump. It produces vacuum.It can be clean by using anair pump to suck up the dirtand dirt, blood and debris.With this, evacuation systemcan be used through thetubing on regular basis.Hand PiecesThe Hand Pieces I amconnected correctly torelevant compressed airHand pieces are intricateand technical pieces ofequipment should be
supplies on the bracket tableand each one run into the spittoon for 30-60 seconds to beensure that work properly.repaired and serviced byqualified technicians. Forthat lubrication, cleansing,sterilisation can be used.According to the guidelinehand pieces must clean with30 seconds to clean orremove contamination frominternal water line. With thata mid washing powder alsoacceptable.Ultrasonic ScalerI am checking ultrasonicscaler every morning firstpower setting must be on thenspray water volume and waterin the bottle. Run into the spittoon for 30-60 seconds to beensure that work properly.Ultrasonic scaler is used toclean the teeth of patients.Moist and warm water actsas a base to generate thebacteria. It can alsobecome clogged over thetime. There are many typesto clean the ultrasonicscaler. Brass filter, it is easyto install and inexpensive.Another is transparent inlinefilter and luer lock filter. It iseasy to use but expensive tochange.X-ray MachineEvery morning before start thework day dentist check x-ray.She check by on the tray sheputting one burseX-ray machine can becleaned by using water andmild soap. Before placing apiece of firm inside allowthem to dry completely. Iffluid or dirt get inside thecassette can make read theresults confusing. Machineshould be clean after usingtrice a day regularly andkeep the record safely.
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