Unit 32. Business Strategy assignment : Silicon Valley

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Unit 32Business Strategy 1
Executive Summary2
INTRODUCTIONBusiness strategy is defined as the achievement of desired ends or objectives. This isalso called long term business planning usually period of 3 to 5 years. It is also knowsactions and moves of competitors that is used by firms for attracting large number ofconsumers, improving performance, competing and achievement of organization’s goaland objectives. It is the master plan of any organization to carry out their activities andoperations in proper manner. There are various types of business strategy such ascompetitive, corporate and strategy in general. The company chosen for assignment is Tesla which is American start-up powered bySilicon Valley which is specialized in manufacturing of electric cars. This was foundedby Elon Musk in 2003 and reached to its success as a dynamic automotive and energysolution organization. The company became famous for its innovative approach in themarket and the dominant position worldwide. The main aim of this report is to discussabout impact and influence of macro environment with help of different theories andmodels on business and internal capabilities and environment. It also cover porter's fiveforce model and for understanding strategic directions available for business. TASK 1P1Applying appropriate frameworks in order to analyze impact and influence ofmacro environment and its strategiesIt is essential for business to make proper plans and strategy in order to accomplish setgoals and objectives in an effective and efficient manner. This provides guideline tobusiness to work as per their mission and vision of organization. Therefore, it isimperative to first understand the strategic context of any organization.Strategic ContextMission- The mission of Tesla is to speed up world's transition for sustainable energy. Vision- “The future is electric” to be the company of 21st century through driving world'sto electric vehicles. Objectives- The main objectives of Tesla is to manufacture, design and market for luxurious electric powered vehicles. Meaning of StrategyIt is defined as high level plan in order to accomplish one or more goals and objectivesunder uncertainty conditions. This is scope and direction which assist in achievement of3

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