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Unit 4 Discussion Paper Instructions - Qualitative Risk AnalysisIf (assumption only) you have a list of risks identified and loaded into the risk registers, you needto prioritize which risks are the most important to focus our efforts on.1.Discuss, design, the approach, process, and qualification rules by which you will performa risk qualification on the case study. Review the techniques that Prichard recommends inPart II of his text.Designing an entire process depend upon the knowledge and understanding. Risk analysisis carried out to understand and screen the variables for the project which affects its development the most (Slovic et al., 2003). The following design was developed for the setup of new laser equipment at the hospital to carry out various medical treatments. The qualification rules for the risk has been gathered from different experts and assessed as per they give the data. Organ damage or death seems more severe than some burns or allergies. The death due to electrocution is a most dangerous risk, and death follows bodyinjury or any major accident, so its severity is just one point low. The organizational risk includes employees getting hired and fired and moving to other places and some budgetary problems that have been taken as low risk as there is no physical damage there.Hazard Identification Risk Evaluation 1a. 1b1c. 1d. 2a.2b.2c.2d. S/NWork activityHazard PossibleAccident/ Illhealth topersons, fireor propertylossExisting RiskControl SeverityLikelihoodRPN*1Setup of Femtosecond Laser Physical Body Injuries or accidentBeam protections byusing protective coveringNo unskilled person allowed to work on high-end lasersContinuous monitoring and safety for personnel’s engagedin the surgery theaters 326Electrical ElectrocutionWarning signs are displayed beside system to warn usersof high voltage4312OrganizationaEmployee absenceRegular hiring and firing of the skilled 2310

lemployeesBudget shortageBudget must be properly made with proper evaluation137

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