Unit 5: Leadership and Management for Service Industries

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Unit 5: Leadership and Management forService Industries.
INTRODUCTIONFrom last few decades service industry have some precedented growth in service industryand it is in its maturing stage. Few industries contributes in GDP of economy such ascommercial enterprise, H&C, hospitality, T&T with IT Sector are main factors whichcommendation to gain large market share. That assignment rely on Docklands academy, Londonand provides lot of services under one roof in that restaurants Hazev, Haz and Tas and 21 foodand beverages chain. That assignment rely on traditional management and leadership styles andtheories to gain competitive advantage and duty of leader with their respective way of working inservice business. It also includes revaluation of administration and leadership form in that servicesector with inside and outsideattributes that contributes and causing to take appropriate decision.In addition to hard and soft skills in current management for deliver right kind of value. Furtherthat also includes future management and leadership skills and how it can be achieve.TASK 1P1 Classical management conception rely on belief that manpower only possesssensual andsocial wants (Bon and Mustafa, 2013. ). that not focus on social requirement of customers butcentering on specialization of manpower, leadership of integration and profit making withappropriate decision making. Kinds of classical management concept which are as:Scientific management:Scientific theory of management states about that there are various ways and methods toproceed one task and consider one task out of them that is best that is main purpose of scientificmanagement (Campbell, Jardine and McGlynn eds., 2016.). This theory states about developunderstanding and acknowledgement among employees and enhance their efficiency. Thismanagement theory should be introduce by them to make people understand that adaptation ofbest method to improve productivity level. It focuses on functions of managers and leaders toplan and coordinate functions of workers. In case of Docklands Academy in which Hazev, hazand Tas they adopt different kinds of leadership and management styles to distribute functionsand attributes to their manpower in proper distribution of roles and responsibilities.Bureaucratic management:

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