Unit 6 – Managing Successful Business Projects Assignment

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Unit 6 – ManagingSuccessful BusinessProjects
TITLE:‘How do multinational companies improve the recruitment, selection and training of theiremployees to meet International requirements?IntroductionThe crucial aspect of every business organisation resolves around the effectivemanagement of business activity. The company which is being taken into consideration is Nestlewhich is a Swiss transnational food and drink organisation with it s headquarter in Switzerland.It carries out its operations in every country in the world. It was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé(Wellin, 2016). This report is based in the title that how multinational companies improve theprocesses of recruitment, selection and training of their employees to meet Internationalrequirements.In this report, there is discussion about some aims and objectives which has to befulfilled by researcher, project research plan which contains information about cost, scope,resources, risk, etc. while conducting research, work break down structure, Gantt Chart andWork break structure and techniques which are required to conduct research and at lastinterpretation of collected data is studied.Task 1P1Background of project reportNestle which is a Swiss transnational food and drink organisation with it s headquarter inSwitzerland. It carries out its operations in every country in the world. It was founded in 1866 byHenri Nestlé.It is the largest food company in the world which is measured by other metricsand revenue and it mainly deals in products like baby food, medical food, bottled food, breakfastcereals, tea and coffee, diary products, ice-cream etc. Moreover it has 447 factories and operatesin approx189 counties with 339,000 number of employees. This organisation is planning toenhance its market share by operating it activities in other nations as well and for this companyneed to focus on the improvement of the recruitment, selection and training of their employeesto meet International requirements (Vanclay and et. al., 2015.). This is because betterrecruitment and selection process will help company to employ talented workforce. Whereastraining will help each employees to develop their skills and knowledge power and to become
specialized in their working performance. Thus, overall it will help business in achieving itstargeted aims and objectives on time.Purpose of project reportThe main purpose of this project report is that it will help the researcher togain more ofknowledge and skills level at wider level about how international requirement can be meet aswell as about the ways necessary to implement so as to improve the recruitment, selection andtraining of employees. Thus with the help of which a researcher can develop at personal andprofessional level in future (Ullah and Lai, 2013 ).Aim of project:“To investigate how multinational companies improve the recruitment, selection andtraining of their employees to meet International requirements- A Case study on Nestle.Objectives of project:To understand the concept of recruitment, selection and training of employees.To analyse how multinational companies can improve the recruitment and selectionprocessTo identify how multinational companies can improve the training process of theiremployees.P2Project management plan:It is defined as a formal and approved document which helps in defining how the projectis to be executed, monitored and controlled. Thus, it is essential for the management of Nestle tomake an proper project management plan as it will help in performing tasks and activities in aneffective manner towards the achievement of milestone identified in the project plan. Therefore,effective project management includes cost, time, quality, communication, risk and resourceswhich are explained below(Silvius and Schipper,2014.):Cost:In order to start any kind of project it is the essential aspect which must be consideredwhile planning effective project plan as without sufficient capital company can exist for longperiod of time.In order to operate at global level the estimated cost for project management planis 36000 pounds, whereas for researcher the estimated cost required to carry out effective andefficient research is 300 pounds.
Scope:As Nestle wants to operate its business at international level and in order to meet theinternational requirement company is recruiting, selecting and rendering training to employees atan global level because of which it can be said that the scope level of business is wider. Whereasfor researcher scope term to be broad as it will help researcher to acquire and more knowledgeand skills about the the ways an organisation can improve itrecruitment, selection and trainingof employees process and which will further help a researcher to develop at personal andprofessional level (Spender, 2014 ).Time:It is the another crucial aspect which must be considered by an organisation andresearcher while making an effective project management plan. As completion on project ontime will help business to create positive image in the mindset of customers. Thus, the estimatedtime for the completion of project as per company prospective is about 20 weeks Whereas fromresearcher point of view the time required to carry out effective and valuable research is 6 weeks.Quality:This is the essential aspect which must be given due consideration while making aneffective project plan as in modern era in every aspects quality factors plays a crucial role in theachievement of organisational aims and objectives on time. The management of Nestle can makeuse of best and modern technology for recruitment, selection and for rendering training toemployees so that each employees can increase the quality of their performance and can come upwith increase in efficiency level. Whereas a researcher can improve its quality by making bestuse of tools and techniques like qualitative and qualitative data that are being applied whilecarrying out research (Spender, 2014). Thus, it will help researcher to drive valuable and reliabledata for the successful working of project plan.Communication:It is the crucial aspect which also needs to be considered while carrying out effectiveproject management plan. As without effective communication company cannot exist for longerand sustainable period of time in marketplace and in order to operate at international levelcompany must recruit and select effective and skilled employees who possess the capabilities ofunderstanding the cultural aspect in which the company is functioning its operational activitiesso that effective communication can be develop between organisation and the customers in
which the firm carries out its operational activity. Whereas a researcher can make use of socialmedia, magazines, journals, newspaper etc. so as to collect valuable data. In addition to this aresearcher must also possess effective communication skills so that easily more of valuable andreliable data can be gathered from respondents.RiskThis aspect terms to be uncertain as risk may arise any time and may create hurdle in thepath of achievement of targeted aims and objectives. For Nestle risk may take place if thecompany will use old technology and methods of recruitment like face to face interviews, wordof mouth recruitment etc. because of which firm might fails to acquire talented workforce for anorganisation and which may result in down fall of profitability margin of an organisation. Somanagement of Nestle must adopt modern and updated technology of recruitment and selectionprocess like social media app, magazines etc. which will help business to acquire talented andskilled workforce who can come up with best outcome for the organisation in the form ofincrease in profit margin level. Whereas for researcher risk can take place in the form of timemanagement so researcher should carry out it research in manner by taking into consideration thetimes aspect and should try to complete each task on time. Moreover other risk of languagebarrier between researcher and respondent may also take place so researcher should ensure thathe/she do possess knowledge about different types of language so as to avoid language barrier,Thus, it will help a research to collect valuable and reliable data.Resources:This is the crucial aspect which must be taken into consideration both by the researcherand Nestle management. For Nestle resources here refers to technology and workforce, somanagement of firm must make effective, optimum and best use of resources and should makeuse of modern technology for improving the process of recruitment, selection and training.Whereas a researcher should make best uses of resources like books, magazines, journals etc. soas to draw valid conclusion of project plan. Thus effective an optimum use of resources byNestle and researcher will help in accomplishing the project plan aims and objectives on timewithout any delay.P3Work break down structure:
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