Unit 8 Research Project

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1Unit 8: Research ProjectTask 2 - Be able to implement the research project within agreedprocedures and to specification
21.0Terms of ReferenceIs to prove if workplace discriminationcan be eliminated. it pivotal to understand the perspective ofvarious people who comprise a work place. Similarly the perspective of experts and those socialplayers who have raised their voice against this social injustice is very significant. The incorporationof these first hand perceptive can serve as a true indices to better understand the various forms ofworkplace discriminations and how these behaviours effects different people. The section of thisresearch projects presents the summary findings of interviews conducted in UK to explore workplacediscrimination in various area of contemporary workplace and its effects. These findings wouldfacilitate a more comprehensive and effective action plan to eliminate work place discrimination invarious areas.Hypothesis for the studyH0 - workplace discrimination can be eliminatedH1 - workplace discrimination cannot be eliminatedChanges to Unit 8 – Task 22.0MethodsThe data collection methods involve for making use of primary as well as secondary sources. Primarymethod involves for firsthand information that is being used by researcher. On the other hand, secondarydata is the one which makes use of information that is already available. For the present study,I will beusing Primary and Secondary Data resources available, the information for this research will be carriedthrough Books, Internet, Journals and any other relevant resources available.3.0Findings3.1ImplementationThe responses have been gathered by making use of semi structured interview sessions. In this regard,there was a selection of 50 professionals who were sent emails explaining the aim and scope of thisresearch project. In order to obtain more open and honest information, all participants were insured ofprivacy. They were promised to be provided with the summary findings of this research. However,researcher could only manage to conduct semi structured interview with 12 participants.Researcherprepared a question guideline to be used during the interview so as to obtain core information instandardised manners. All of the interviews were tape recorded and transcribed using MS wordprogramme. In order to analyse the data researcher used other computer programed. The findings of thisresearch are presented below.
3I.Gender DistributionGender DistributionGenderNumberPercentAgeMale542%30-45Female758%25-40Transgendered000Among the population 7 (58 %) of the participant were female and 5 (42 %) were male. All of theinterviews are currently working. The male participants in this study were in the age group of 30 to 45years of age whereas female population were in the age group of 25 to 40 years of age.I.Career ChoiceWas your career choice influenced by otherResponseNumberPercentMaleFemaleYes1083%16No217%41
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