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Running Head:UNITED STATES REACTION TO WORLD WAR IIUnited States Reaction to World War II
UNITED STATES REACTION TO WORLD WAR II2SummaryIt has been observed that America reacted to the World WarII in the same way it reacted totheWorld WarI.The way U.S. was manipulated for participating in the warAfter theWorld WarI took place the Americans realized the fact that the participation oftheir country in that war was one of their biggest mistakes. Furthermore, America enteredinto theWorld WarII two years into the war on 8thDecember in the year 1941. However, ithas been observed that America maintained neutrality and U.S. also have been involved inthe war for long in terms of supporting the allies.In the first 2 years with regards to the war America remained neutral from the politicalground. The U.S. military was also deployed for replacing the British forces in the Icelandafter the invasion of the British in there. It can be said that America simply entered the WorldWar II after bombing the Pearl Harbour but U.S. had been moving towards the allianceshipwith the Allied powers over the years (Lacey, 2011).The events that lead towards the war in the Europe and the reason theywere in the warIt has been observed that there were some of the events that lead towards the war in theEurope. The following are some of the main events:The Treaty of Versailles and the desire of the Germans for the revenge- The heart-breakingexperience of the World War I left the nations that were victorious and their people foravoiding a repeat of the same thing.
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