Engineering Management for Sustainable Future

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RecommendationThe NGER Threshold calculator 2016 for finding out if an organization has an obligation toregister and report Green house gas emission under Greenhouse and Energy reporting Act of2007 is an extensive assessment of major stages of processes through which Carbon is handledand processed. The tool captures both emissions and energy consumption/production.In reference to the whole Life Carbon quantification and assessment reference provided theNGER Threshold calculator can still be modified to become more extensive and capture all thehandling and processing of the Green houses gasses such as Carbon (IV) Oxide (CO2).In addition to emissions and energy consumption or production the NGER Threshold calculator2016 should be modified to include transport section because transporting materials for bigprojects can lead to increased emissions of Greenhouse gases and thus for the entire system to beinclusive the transport part should be included especially for the large projects such as Railwayconstruction a lot of ballast and other materials may be required.(Forum for the future, 2009)This is the only additional part which I believe the NGER Threshold calculator 2016 shouldclearly include as one of its scope because scope 1 and scope 2 stands for energy emitted andenergy produced and/or energy consumed presumably during the actual industrial processesrather than the auxiliary parts such as transportation of the materials.(Blackman, 2001)There areso many other auxiliary or support parts whose effects on Green house gas emission andproduction and/or consumed is negligible or has no big difference. However in major projectssuch as one Railway construction were a lot of materials are needed then the greenhouse gasquantities associated with this auxiliary part are substantial and may affect the overall output ofthe NGER Threshold calculator 2016 significantly.(The Global Carbon Crisis, 2011)For small
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