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University of Cumbria - MNGT7905 Strategic Management:

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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University of Cumbria - MNGT7905 Strategic Management: AssessmentGeneral Instructions – Please read carefully1. You are required to complete theFinal Assessmentoutlined below and submit your completedfinal document through the RKC Online Campus by the end of Unit 6. Your grade will be based 100%on this final document, to which you will also receive written feedback.2. Please ask any questions about the Final Assessment in the Forum.Final AssessmentThe Final Assessment is a 4500 words paper divided into two parts. It is strongly advised to startworking on it early in the course.The aim of the Final Assessment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts instrategic management and your capacity to craft a professional document. It will be very goodpreparation for your dissertation.Part One (approx 3000 words)1.Choose a concept/model in strategic management. You can choose the concept from theones discussed in the course or you can choose another one. Examples of concepts are: corecompetencies, generic strategies, mergers and acquisitions, alliances, CSR, blue oceanstrategy, etc.2.Critically examine the concept: define the concept; identify when it was first discussed andwhat the arguments were for its creation; discuss how the concept then evolved byidentifying the arguments for and against it over time and by noting any adaptations.3.Explain how the concept fits today with other concepts of strategic management, anddiscuss how/if the concept is relevant or not to today’s business challenges.In Part One you must demonstrate you can research and develop a deep understanding of a conceptby identifying, examining and challenging different views of it. You should reference a minimum of10 academic sources: academic books and/or articles from academic journals that are peer-reviewed. Thisexcludestextbooks, articles from business magazines and ‘popular’ books you mayfind in airport bookstores, but you can use these as additional supporting references if needed.All sources should be correctly referenced using the Harvard system, as for any professionalacademic document.Part Two (approx 1500 words)4.Present a real life case study of the concept that you chose in Part One ‘in action’. You canuse your own organisation or an organisation of your choice – we recommend you use anorganisation you are personally familiar with as it will be easier for you to ‘see inside’ theorganisation
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