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<University>RECOMMENDATIONS FOR INTERNET ACCESS ATRUBHA REIDH, SCOTLANDby<Your Name>13th November2016Word count:<Lecturer’s Name and Course Number><Your Name> <Your Student Number> 20161of12
Internet is a necessity for modern-day connected world. Internet has come a long wayfrom its roots in military research to become a part and parcel of human life in everypart of the world. It holds a significance for hospitality industry also. Travellersexpect to be connected to Internet courtesy of the accommodation or the place theyare visiting. Now, customers demand Internet access, no matter the location of thevenue. This paper analyses Internet requirement for Rubha Reidh, Melvaig, GairlochIV21 2EA, Scotland and presents alternatives and recommendations along withguidance on costs expected.<Your Name> <Your Student Number> 20162of12
Recommendations For Internet Access At Rubha Reidh, ScotlandInternet is an important part of human existence, and it benefits each and every personas per their requirement. As an illustration, while a citizen of USA may be consumingmegabytes of data per minute on a videoconferencing call(Klosowski, 2016), acitizen of India may just be using kilobytes of data, but to apply for a competitiveexam. Internet elevates us all, connects us all. So essential is this technology to humanexperience now, that United Nations has added Internet access to the list of basichuman rights(Alexander and Shore, 2016). Internet has come a long way from itsroots as a military research project (Licklider, 1963),to go on to level the playingfield for every individual in every part of the world, and also to eliminate the tyrannyof geography and time zones.As perMartin (2004), many small firms in hospitality industry are not conversantwith the value Internet can bring to their business, and this deters them from gainingadvantages. As an unrelated example, in Scotland, providing Internet access (in theform of WiFi) allows the tourist spot to be filtered in search results, where the touristscan exclude those venues which do not provide Internet access (,n.d.). This obviously means competitive advantage for those locations which provideInternet access. Adding to the importance of an Internet connection in hospitalityindustry, hotel guests now take Internet access for granted, and consider it moreimportant than a fitness centre or a free breakfast (Networks, n.d.). This requirementof Internet access is a necessity for locations in well-connected places, but becomeseven more relevant for tourist spots in remote locations like villages, islands, etc.However, remote locations also present challenges which are unlike those in well-connected places like cities, suburbs, and metropolitans as the conventional means ofaccess (like underground copper or fiber-optic cabling, mobile phone coverage, WiFihotspots) are not usually implemented. This may be because the Internet ServiceProvider (ISP) may not estimate a favourable return on investment (ROI) in suchremote places, and neither the miniscule native population of the place, nor thetourists are willing to bear the costs of setting up an infrastructure, just for the few<Your Name> <Your Student Number> 20163of12
people. This paper analyses the requirements forRubha Reidh, Melvaig, GairlochIV21 2EA, Scotland.Characteristics of Rubha ReidhRubha Reidh or Rua Reidh Lighthouse is a remote lighthouse standing close to theentrance to Loch Ewe in Wester Ross, Scotland. This lighthouse was planned in 1853and constructed and began operations in 1912(Lighthouse Board, n.d.). Manualoperations were replaced by automations and the lighthouse was laterdecommissioned in 1986(, 2016). The nearest placewith a shop to Rubha Reidh is 12 miles way. There is another spot closer, but it just acamp site and an inn. Thus, Rubha Reidh is indeed a very remote location. It is ascenic place to rest, to unwind and provides expansive ocean view, whale watchingand a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the modern day world. Also, itappears to be a popular place among tourists with TripAdvisor rating of 4.5 out of 5(LLC, 2016).However, getting away from the modern world is not the true intention of everytourist that visits this place, and neither the owners want to be out of touch with theworld. They both want Internet access. As an illustration, the owners of the venue areactive in maintaining the reputation of their accommodation on Internet, and can befound actively helping, guiding tourists on various forums online. Also, manybusinessmen would want to take a leisurely stroll across the lonely road, but be able toreached via email. According to Fallows (2002), power users of email check email farmore often than standard users, checking them on weekends, after work, before workand on vacations.As per the infrastructure available, there is no cabling offered by any ISP, neither theground looks amenable to digging for laying out the wires (copper or fiber-optic), ifsome company intends to. Similarly, no WiFi hotspots are available in the location.Also, there is no mobile phone signal available, and the nearest reliable signal is about7 miles into the mainland (Reidh Lighthouse, n.d.). So, what presents here is a remotespot, adjacent to sea, with no Internet cable or mobile phone coverage, which is<Your Name> <Your Student Number> 20164of12
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