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Running head: URBAN SOCIOLOGYUrban Sociology: Moses and JacobsStudent NameUniversity nameAuthor Note
URBAN SOCIOLOGYThe sixth episode of the documentary “The City of Tomorrow (1931-1940)”highlighted the economic failure of America during 1929 led to the financialdevelopment of the nation.1 The social unrest and poverty of the great depression era theAmerican citizens suffered great desperation. In order to manage it, the policy makers ofNew York under the president ship of Dr. Franklin Roosevelt started to gather moneyfrom Washington to New York. The mayor of New York Fiorello Henry La Guardia triedto utilize the opportunity and with the help of twentieth century’s master builder RobertMoses planned to rebuild the city. The New York City has been changing its politicalposition in the nation’s existing scenario as such federal initiatives have been bringing tothe center of nation’s power. They together gave birth to the ‘New Deal’ out of the greatdepression that influentially changed the city and the nation.2 They imagined, plannedand executed strategies to bring out the city out of the darkest time and made it a newbold one. During the 1930 the multiple development plan by Robert Moses along withthe automobile was about to change the city into something bigger and better.3Robert Moses planned to reshape the city through expanding it to the suburbs butin the process he ignored the inner infrastructure of the city that needed to be up gradedand large number of urban lower class. In the development process Robert Mosesdestroyed the Pen Station that fueled the movement of New York’s landmarkpreservation. Activist Jane Jacobs highlighted the need for preserving the existing1 "New York: A Documentary Episode 6 A City Of Tomorrow."YouTube. N.p., 2013. Web. 8 Oct. 2017.2 "Robert Moses And The Modern Park System (1929–1965) : Online Historic Tour : NYCParks." N.p., 2017. Web. 8 Oct. 2017.3 Bloom, Nicholas Dagen.Public housing that worked: New York in the twentieth century. University ofPennsylvania Press, 2014.

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