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Assignment on US History PDF

Added on - 22 Nov 2021

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Running head: US HISTORY
US History
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US HISTORYIntroduction
The concept of racism in the United States has been one of the widespread issues from
the beginning of the colonial era. From the view of the United Nations, some of the major
ethnically structured and racial configured institutions include segregations, Native American
reservations and slavery. The assignment summarizes four articles on the topic of racism that has
been one of the major prevailing issues among the African American people and the continuing
racism that has reflected over the socio economic inequality.
According to Shirley Carlson in the article " Black Ideals of womanhood in the late
Victorian era", the dual character of the African American culture has been illustrated vividly.
The article focuses on how black Americans have grown the culture towards the incorporation of
the negative attitudes towards the Africans1. The article focuses on the Illinois in the eve of the
historian era that range from 1880 to 1910 arguing the dual culture of the black Americans
towards their ideology of womanhood.
In the article by Jack Balkin, "Would African Americans Have Been Better Off Without
Brown v. Board of Education? ", the author queries on the subsequent impact on the history of
education opportunity for the African Americans in the country of United States. The editor
explained that the supreme courts enforced the equal and the separate rule of Plessy v. Ferguson
that tends to produce better opportunities in education for the blacks than the forced integration
1Carlson, Shirley J. "Black ideals of womanhood in the late Victorian era."The Journal of Negro History77, no. 2
(1992): 61-73.
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