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Use Case DescriptionUse Case Name:Process New CustomerID: 1Importance Level: HPrimary Actor:StaffStakeholders and Interests:Customer – Want to join the health club.Staff – Assists customer with membership.Brief Description:12Trigger:13Relationships:Include:14Extend:Normal Flow of Events:1.Customer requests membership.2.153.164.System determines the discount rate.If desired membership length < 6 months,then discount rate = 0Else if desired membership length < 12 monthsthen discount rate = .10Else discount rate = .155.System calculates payment amount.6.System generates bill.7.Staff gets bill and gives to customer.8.Customer presents accepted form of payment (cash or credit card).9.Staff executes the Process Payment use case.SubFlows:Alternate/Exceptional Flows:8a.178b. Process New Customer terminates.
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