User Interface Security Risks


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User Interface is a complex aspect of the software development. The appropriate user interface requires writing numerous codes and careful testing of each of them. User interface refers to the face from where the users interact with the machine. The interactions among the human and the machines are facilitated by the use of the user interface. The purpose of the interaction is to ensure that the effective operation is carried out and the machine can be effectively controlled from the human end (Farrugia, 1997). There are various examples related to the user interface and one such interface example can be the operating system of the computer. In general the purpose of the user interface designs is that to ensure that the interface is easy to use to the individuals and it feels enjoyable in operating the machine. The lack of interesting usability and attractive interface is likely to scare the users from the mobile application. After the advancement in the technologies, the user interface term has got little distorted. Now whenever the term user interface is spoken one clearly assume that the discussion is about the graphical user interface. The other form of interfaces such as the interfaces present in the industries and machine management are now termed as human-machine interface.There are various security risks that have been identified in relation to the user interface. Mentioned below are some of the security risks that have been identified:There is the possibility that the permissions asked by the application from the user are questionable. There are instances when the inappropriate permissions from the users scare the owners in installing the application. Asking for permissions is an important aspect in todays’ legal scenario. However, allowing the application to ask unnecessary permission might raise suspicion and the users might end up not using the app. This is the security risks at the end of theusers that the app might intervene unnecessarily in the users’ life. On the application side, the malicious functionality, UI impersonation, unauthorized dialing, automated system modification are some of the major security risks (Dwivedi, 2010). Again if the user side is concerned then it can be said that the presence of features more than required within the application makes it less fun to enjoy and increases the clutter within the application (Ghosh and Swaminathan, 2001). The users are sometimes left in the situation of analysis and paralysis where they fail to decide which feature to use and which ones not to use. In these cases, the usability and usefulness of the application to the users decreases due to the inability to the users to understand the application.Apart from that, the security vulnerability from the application side is that the leakage of sensitive data, unsafe storage of the users’ data, and transmission of data in open manner withoutproper encryption are the challenging aspect (Wasserman, 2010).Another challenging aspect is the development of the sign up screen that are less effective in presenting what one can expect within the application (Ghosh and Swaminathan, 2001). The signup screen is the first thing that is seen by the users and the lack of good feel from the screen
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