Using academic journal articles.

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Using academic journal articlesThese are peer-reviewed (by other academics to test their relevance andcontribution to the topic)They are published in Journals such as:These sources can be hard to understand. This is a very early stage to beintroducing them to you, please do not be put off by all the information,concepts and theories etc,you do not need to understand them all.You just need to practice using these sources to extractsomeinformation, it could just beone point, message or argument, whichwill help you develop your discussions in essays and reports. The key is totry and link them to other sources like the main text books, newspaperarticles, government sources, professional sources (CIPD)Access them on studynet online and click on peer-reviewed and article onthe left hand-side, use the preview link to see the abstract, before youdownload the articleSome of these paper (articles) will be theory based, or literature based,but many will be based on primary research in a particular organisation,or about a certain group of workers across industriesTo start with they will usually have a similar structure:An abstract: read this first to decide if you think the paper isrelevant and something you might understandAn introduction: The topic, the reason for the research and mainpoints of discussion are introducedLiterature review: past literature and theory on the topic areintroducedMethodology: if there is primary research this is explained in thissection, who and how they are being researched is explained , thereare various ways of researching, but usually this is done in twoways:qualitative with longer interviews (about exploring smaller numberof people and getting their subjective experience)Quantitative surveys (more people asked, but with shorter questionsand less exploration of individual experience,sometimes rated onscale -1-5, 1-7)Findings or discussion: The research findings are presented
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