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Understanding TechnologyPortfolio(UTEC3015)Name:AribisalaABESINIleolaStudentNumber:56109Tutorname:Akim YillahThis is yourUnderstanding TechnologyPortfolio. Please save a copy onyour computer and back it up regularly (e.g. by saving it on your computer /in the cloud (e.g. Google Drive) / emailing it to yourself.At the end of thecourse, you need to submita completedelectronic copy.Spring 18Assessed Learning Outcomes:1.Describe the scope of hardware and software currently in useand the technological advances taking place.2.Describe ways in which computing science and informationtechnology can contribute to the sustainability of economic,human and natural resources.3.Describe the relationships between digital computing networksand wider digital cultures and society.
UTEC3015UnderstandingTechnologySpring2018 Firsit PortfolioAssignment QuestionsPlease refer to suggested word counts for each task included within this portfolio.WeekContentsPageLearningoutcomesWeek 1-33D printing is seen as game changer inindustrial manufacturing. Prepare a power pointpresentation (no more than 8 slides) on thehardware and software requirements of a 3Dprinter. Discuss the advantages anddisadvantages of 3D printing.Your presentation should be aestheticallydesigned with images and short bullet points.Place screenshots of your presentation in theportfolio along with description.3LO1Week 4-6Discuss virtual reality as the evolution andfuture of digital communication. How wouldvirtual reality impact digital societies?4LO3Week 7-10Data center facilities are heavy consumers ofenergy. The U.S. Department of Energyestimates that data center facilities consume upto 100 to 200 times more energy than standardoffice building. Discuss how adopting greencomputing techniques in data centre design cancontribute to the sustainability of economic,human and natural resources.Note: You can include the following features:subheadings, bullet points, charts and graphsas relevant.5LO2GSM LONDONPage1of14
UTEC3015UnderstandingTechnologySpring2018 Firsit PortfolioTask 1- Presentation task3D printing is seen as game changer in industrial manufacturing. Prepare a powerpoint presentation (no more than 8 slides) on the hardware and softwarerequirements of a 3D printer. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of 3Dprinting.Your presentation should be aesthetically designed with images and short bulletpoints.Place screenshots of your presentation in the portfolio.Title:3D Printer – Hardware and software(Presentation (no more than 8 slides), Description (word count: suggested 500words))3D printing,also popularlycalledas additivemanufacturing,is a processof creatingasolid 3D objectfrom a digitalmodel.It is calledadditivemanufacturingowingto theprocessof creatingthe 3D objects;successivelayersof materialsare addedto asurfacein differentshapesto createa specifiedobject(Chia & Wu, 2015).To createthe image,ComputerAidedDesignprogram(CAD)is used and the file is savedusingthe STL (StereoLithographfile). Subsequentto saving,the file is then transferredto ag-codegeneratorprogramwhichconvertsthe file whichconsistsof the imagewhichhas to be printedinto a set of instructionwhichthe computercomprehends.The 3Dprinterused CAM (ComputerAidedManufacturing)software,whichreadsthe file andsendselectronicsignalsto controlextruderand motorswhichbasicallymovedin 3Ddimensionto extrudea filamentonto a surface,eventuallycreatingthe specifiedobjectthroughsequentiallayering(Ventola,2014).Softwarerequirements:CAD, CAM,StereoLithography,Constructivesolid geometry& G-Code.Hardwarerequirement:RepRapArduinoMEGA2560 PololuShield,Steppermotors,Stepperdrivers,End stopsand Thermistor.GSM LONDONPage2of14
UTEC3015UnderstandingTechnologySpring2018 Firsit PortfolioRAMPSBoardThermistorSchematicThe abovementionedexplanationhelpsto understandhow to set up the hardwareand softwarein orderto createa 3D objectfrom a digitalmodel.The 3D printerhasbeen in vogueright from the pointthe discussionon it began,it find greatutilityamongsthobbyistsand small businesseswho wantsto createcustomizedparts to fitin their ad-hocneeds(Stansbury& Idacavage,2016)Advantages of 3D PrintingTime saving- 3D printingservesas a mediumto convertthe ideas into realityin very less time. As soon as the idea comesup, it can be printedat the verysametime, thus reducingthe developmentprocessingtime.Money Saver-The techniqueused in 3D printingis additivemanufacturing,whichis excessivelycheaperin comparisonto traditionalmanufacturing.Imagination builder-It is one of the biggestadvantagesof 3D printing,whateverone envisionsin his dreamscan be turnedinto realityby justcreatingthe drawingin the mind of a digitalplatform.It helpsto give realitytoa person’simagination.GSM LONDONPage3of14
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