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Running head: INFORMATICSInformaticsName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note:
INFORMATICS1Utilization of Data/Knowledge/Information/Wisdom (DIKW) ContinuumThe most major and important characteristic of nursing informatics is that it has astrong potential for their improvement and expansion at regular intervals. Technology hasbrought new and cheaper capabilities in order to serve the patients. This has helped forspeedy processes of healthcare and has greatly influenced in the making of decisions. In orderto bring improvement in the field of healthcare, researchers have incorporated newer ways intheir activities of research (Polit & Beck, 2012). In this article, the writer would apply theDIKW continuum and describe the use of informatics to gain wisdom and knowledge.The Steps of Data and Research QuestionsThe question that is asked is: State the influence of intervention of peer support inorder to prevent the number of the cases of suicide among adolescents.The rise in the cases of suicide among adolescents is increasing at a rapid pace. Thisis a major concern for the health in the United States and many other parts in the world(Silverman, Pirkis, Pearson & Sherrill, 2014). The case of suicide is the largest cause fordeath, that includes various reasons such as family matters and various miserable experiences(VanOrman & Jarosz, 2016). The DIKW continuum provides a clear framework forconducting an extensive research (Topaz, 2013). There are four phases in the DKIW, whichwould be made use of in order to do the research on the question. The data would be neededto be organized in order to identify the essential points. The pieces of information, which aregathered include the definition of the problem, affected regions and causes (McGonigle &Mastrian, 2015). The third step includes the knowledge which involves informationrecording, identification of the content of the research and integration of the results. The finalstep includes wisdom and utilization of the knowledge which can be gained in a practical
INFORMATICS2way. For example, in this article, nurses could research in order to determine the affectivity ofthe intervention of the support of the peer. In such cases, the nurse should make use of herwisdom so as to frame their decisions, which could help in addressing the main problem thatwould be based on the findings of the research. There should be a certain level ofunderstanding in organizing adolescent groups, which would help them in supporting andencourage them in order to prevent thoughts of suicide. Nurses should also depend on theirown perception in order to identify the reliable sites of information and several databases inorder to proceed with the research.Search Words and DatabasesA database consists of several collections of information, which are organized in sucha way that they could be managed, accessed and could be updated quickly. In order toconduct a research study, it is very essential to conduct a word search in various databases.The various databases that could be useful in conducting a study in research are Medline,Cochrane and CINAHL.MedlineMedline is a kind of database, which can store informative resources about severalbiomedical fields and life sciences. The database has several information for different articlesthat would be published in various journals of academics, which can cover several areas suchas nursing, dentistry, medicine and pharmacy. This database has a collection of 5500 articlesthat are related to topics such as mental health, stress, anxiety, and suicides.CochraneCochrane is another non-governmental organization database, which has severalfindings of medical research. They support practices on the interventions of healthcare, which
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