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Running head: VACCINATION FOR MEASLES PREVENTIONVaccination for Measles PreventionName of Student:Name of University:Author’s Note:
1VACCINATION FOR MEASLES PREVENTIONMeasles is a problem which has a history of affecting people all across the worldespecially in developed countries. This is due to the fact that the disease is infectious. Measles ismost common in the countries of Africa and Asia(Roalkvam, McNeill & Blume, 2013).Infectious diseases can be prevented by the administering of vaccines. Based on thefindings of the World Health Organisation,majority of infectious diseases have been diminishedto a certain extent by vaccinations. The individuals who are vaccinated are protected by directimmunization and also protect unvaccinated individuals by community protection or by herdimmunity.Herd immunity is basically a form of immunity which occurs when the vaccination ofa significant portion of a population or herd provides a measure of protection for the individualswho have not developed immunity. This effectively prevents the spread of diseases in thecommunity.Vaccination has been considered as one of the major reasons for the fall in thehealth disparities both within as well as across countries. The threat of diseases has beendramatically reduced by vaccines.Measles is a highly infectious and potentially fatal virus which is easily spread fromperson to person even through coughs or sneezes. Approximately nine out of ten people who aresusceptible and unvaccinated can contract the virus if exposed to someone who is alreadyinfected (Poland & Jacobson, 2012). It has been suggested by public health experts that herdimmunity of sorts can be achieved only when ninety percent of a population is vaccinated.However at present studies suggest that this also might not be adequate enough to preventmeasles from taking hold in a particular community (CDC. 2012).Measles majorly occur in children who are unvaccinated. There are instances in whichthe parents choose not to vaccinate their children.In the United States, severalparents have
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